Washington DC trip

The white house

From chaotic NY city to a more peacefull place Washington DC.

It takes about 3 hours with the train (AMTRAK) from Penn station NY to DC.  We know it sounds like a long trip but if you have Dunkin donuts,  coffee,  snack,  music/radio to listen , watching a beautiful view outside and afcourse the best company  you wont get easily bored. Arrived at  the Union station we took a taxi to the white house. And no we are not lazy haha..but we did our research so we knew how much we had to walk that day. This is a city with lots of memorials , monuments, statue’s, national museums. If you are a history, museum person this will be perfect for you.

Our must see attractions:

* Martin Luther King Memorial

* White House The official residence of the president of the United states.  You can actually do a public tour in the white house and if you are very..VERY.. lucky you can maybe get a glimpse of president Obama or his lovely wife, the first lady Michelle Obama! *

* Washington Monument This monument is located at the National Mall. Its 169 metres tall and build between 1848- 1984 in honor of the first presidents of the United states. George Washington. You can go all the way to the top. Admission is free but make sure you have to reserve a ticket!  The elevator brings you to the observatory at the top of the monument where you have a beautiful view over al of Washington.

* US Capitol The Senate and the house of representatives occupies the US Capitol building. At the north wing the Senate and the south wing the house of representatives.  

* Jefferson Memorial

* Lincoln Memorial A monument honoring  the 16th president of the United States. Abraham Lincoln. From here you have a great view of the  US capitol and the Washington monument.

* Iwo Jima Memorial

* National museum of Natural history

* World war 2 Memorial

4 responses to “Washington DC trip

  1. Quick Wahington DC tip–eat at Blue Duck Tavern! It is amazing and I make the drive there all the way from nyc for special occasions 🙂 And stay at one of the Kimpton hotels, they’re always great

    • Thanks for the Tip MellisaJanine! We saw their site and that looks YUM…If it was nearby we will go there like …now 😀 Oh Kimpton hotel we will keep that in mind..Thanks for your recommendations! 😀

    • We are glad you liked it too! Yes it is fun but also moving as well. All the story/history behind these monuments are so interesting. We really enjoyed visiting DC, such a nice city. Thanks for stopping by our blog 😀

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