1001 nights in Marocco

cropped-morocco.jpgWanna get that 1001 arabian night feeling? Marocco is the place to go!From riding on a camel, fine dining on a roof terrace to drinking mint tea on a local market. The people there are so kind and helpfull and really want to show you their culture and tradition.Their hospitality is amazing. If you’re more a modern and a luxury type of person you won’t regret here either. Lots of luxury shops, restaurants, hammam and go-out places. We went here in the year 2010.

Here is our where to go list:


* Chez Ali/Horse show
Start of your Marrakech tour with Chez Ali! The fantasia Moroccan Dinner Show. Here you can enjoy the cultural show while drinking and eating delicious meals. Girls and boys serenading you in beautiful traditional clothes and boys making this typical arabian music. Exotic berber tents, sitting on cushions, palm trees, a show of horseback and belly dancing and at the end a firework show. Yes we can say the 1001 night feeling really comes to life here for sure!

* Djemaa El-Fna Square

The most famous square from Marocco. During daylights you can shop in many alleys. There is so much to see and so many products to buy. From carpets to spices/food. As the sun sets the real moroccan atmosphere starts to come a life. Musicians, groups performing traditional maroccan music , foodstands everywhere, snake charmers, acrobats. We were here almost every night!

* Ménera
This beautifull, elegant building is surrounded by an immense lake. You see allot of family groups here to enjoy this place to relax. Near the lake you can walk to see lots of olive trees, palm trees etc.

* Koutoubia Mosque

* Gueliz Marrakech city


* Agadir beach

* Kasba

Such a amazing view up here! You can see the beach, the city on this amazing mountain. We stayed there till sunset so you can actually see the lights in the street and houses slowly going on. While waiting for the sunset you can ride a camel, making pictures like we did standing on a small wall and behind us deep ravine. Looking back at the pictures.. thinking Why Did We Do that! So Dangerous! But heey it was fun haha…

* Agadir Bird Park

* Fish market


* Hassan 2 Mosque

Located near the sea which make it already nice to make pictures. It took 5 years to build this beautiful magnificent Mosque. We did a tour and you cannot believe how big it is inside! There is room for 100.000 worshipers and the architecture is amazing. Carved and painted wood ceilings which can go open and closed. Definitely worth visiting.

* Cassablanca city

Shopping place! And here we did a henna tattoo for the first time!

42 responses to “1001 nights in Marocco

    • Hi Servicefromheart. We are glad you like this post. You really should visit morocco if you ever get the chance! Its a beautiful country.

    • Hihi yes thank you! We love to travel, any time we can. Your posts are very interesting and inspiring (your ‘about’ post) 😀 – Cheers

    • You are welcome! There is a lot to see in Morocco, beautiful landscape and delicious traditional food. You will def like it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I’ve just come back from Agadir myself, A good list of places you have 🙂 I would advise people to not visit the bird park though, unless you want to see a thoroughly depressed monkey. I would also add ‘Paradise’ as a must see place to visit (natural river through the dry hills makes a literal vision of paradise). Awesome place, cool post 🙂

    • Hi Jemma, Hope you enjoyed Morocco as much as we did. Beautiful county it is! Yes we saw the depressed monkey too 😦 , very sad that’s something you don’t want to see. But we loved the birds and beautiful trees there.
      Thanks for your recommendation, whenever we go back, we would def add Paradise on our must see list. Have a great day. XoXo

  2. I have wanted to go to Morocco for a long time now! Henna and mint tea would be a dream. When I eventually make it happen I will look for your places to go again! Thanks for sharing. Best, Cam

    • Hi..Your Welcome. Someday soon you will also travel to Morocco Camiwine :), and we are sure you will love it! If you do, let us know..we want to know all about your adventures. Take care XoXo

  3. Hey, thanks for the like on my Amsterdam post, I’m new to this so really appreciate the support.

    Great post, the photos are amazing. I’m going to Morocco in the summer so will try and tick as many of those things off the list as possible.

    • Hi Conor! You are welcome! Thanks, we are happy you like our “Marocco” post. Let us know how the Marocco trip went! We are sure you will enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by 😀

    • Thank you Nannygrannie for your sweet comment! Yes you should definitely add Marocco on your bucketlist, you won’t regret! Beautiful country and delicious food! Let us know how it went if you go there 😀

  4. Welcome to Africa (I live on this Continent) and I still have to Visit Morroco which is in my Bucket List. Seems like you had an amazing time.. I can;t wait for i to happen

    • Hello Aliada, how are you? Thank you 🙂 . Unfortunately this trip to this beautiful continent was a couple years ago. Someday you will visit Morocco as well, and we are sure you will enjoy it! Where in Africa do you live? Sure its a beautiful country too! Xoxo

      • Hello there… I live in Kenya. Its on the East Coast of the continent. If you’d love to experience one of the best natural wildlife game reserves, come on over! Guaranteed you will fall in love with her too!

    • Thank you Dunjailic! You have a great blog as well! Morocco is just amazing, the food so delicious, people are so nice and the landscape is beautiful. We can feel you hihi..we would love to go back! Thanks for stopping by 😀

  5. Wow! It’s great that you made recommendations and poinred out the places to see amd things to do! I also like all the photos that you placed at the bottom of the post. The 1001 picture in the souk is very nice!

    • Thank you Randyjw for your nice comment, we really appreciate it! Glad you like our post! If we write a travel post, we love to give some information about the country/city we have visited. The market (souk) in Marrakesh is indeed NICE :D. Planning to go to Morocco? Have a nice week.

      • Thanks, again, for your replies. I don’t think I’ll be travelling anywhere, actually, for a long time, due to finances, but it’s fun to read about, nevertheless. I don’t suppose they would have me, anyways… Based on those reasons, I couldn’t have them on my list either. The curiosity is a large draw into rather closed societies (to some outsiders) and it’s interesting to see what they’ve done with the place. Mostly, though, it’s your portrayal of seeing places as if I was following a written guidebook (it works really well with a good guide), and I’ve taken classes to be a licensed tour guide, but had to drop out for personal reasons, so I appreciate great tours. You guys are making them! Kudos to you!

  6. Your pictures are very pretty. And your post makes me realise all the things I have missed when I went to Morocco. I’ll have to go there again one day.
    I’m glad you felt that 1001 Arabian Nights feeling, too. It’s what I absolutely adored about the country.

    • Thank you Iloenchen! How are you? Yes, Morocco is a beautiful country, with lots to see and do. There’s still a lot of places as well that we would love to explore there. So, worth visiting to go back someday soon hihi :D. Where did you go when you were in Morocco? Have a nice week 🙂

      • Only to Marakkech and from there I went on a three-day tour to the Atlas mountains and the desert. It was fun but unfortunately, I had less than a week in this beautiful country.

  7. Thank you for the travel info and your photos of Morocco (my country) 🙂 Please check out my blog about the Moroccan beauty products such as argan oil, barbary fig seed oil, rhassoul clay…

    • Your welcome! Your country is such a beautiful place. We will def go back someday soon to explore more of Morocco! Great products, we will check your blog. Thanks for stopping by our site 😀

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