Our version of Cinnamon Bread

Cinnamon breadHave you ever tried making your own Cinnamon bread?  We made our own version of Cinnamon bread.

After a week hard work, you want something easy but delicious to make.  We love bread and sweets so we figure it will be good to mix this both together.  We added cinnamon and brown sugar and there you have Cinnamon bread!! We usually make this in the weekends and our family loves it too. The most important thing with bread is to find the perfect recipe to make the perfect dough. We must admit it was pretty difficult at first to find the proportion of the ingredients. But after trying several times we finally managed it. You can make it in all kind of shape, round, braids or just in a normally bread shape.

The ingredients are:


dry yeast

white flour


white/brown sugar


Like to try this version?  We would love to email you the full recipe and directions. Just email to cewinta@gmail.com

18 responses to “Our version of Cinnamon Bread

    • Hi Kristen! Oh really hihi, we are sure your great grandmothers cardamon bread is much tastier as ours 🙂 Cause we think traditional recipe is far more better. 🙂

    • Hi! Yes you can make different version of cinnamon bread. A combination of cinnamon and bread is always good hihi 🙂 Thanks for dropping by! Cheers

  1. Wow, how did you get the idea? Are cinnamon buns common in the Netherlands? It is very Nordic, too, and in my home country (Finland) it is one of the most favorite sweets to eat.

    • Well we got the idea and inspiration, because sometimes we buy it here in the bakery or the supermarket. And we thought lets make it our self. Cinnamon buns is not really common here, but we LOVE it. Next time we go to Finland to try the traditional cinnamon buns 😀

  2. Looks very simple and satisfying! I’ll be filing this one in my “coffee cake” file.

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