Marble Twin Cake

Marmer CakeUsually we dont like mondays but today we LOVE it, you know why? Well because we had a day off! Its been a while we baked something, Today we baked a marble cake with 3 colors. The most marble cakes has 2 colors yellow and chocolate but we thought why dont we add some PINK into it.  It makes that little difference to the usually traditional cake. Very simple to make and yet so delicious to eat.


-250 gram soft unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing the cake tin
– 170 gram white caster sugar
– Pinch of salt
– 1 bag (8 gram) vanilla sugar
– 5 medium eggs
– 250 gram self-raising flour
– 25 gram cocoa powder
– 25 ml of milk
– Pink liquid food coloring
– White flour for dusting
– Sugar powder for dusting

 Directions :

– Preheat the oven (175 degrees)
– Prepare cake tin by greasing with soft butter and dust it with white flower
– Put the butter, sugar, salt and vanilla sugar in a bowl and whisk them until you get this smooth texture
– Beat the eggs in another bowl  and gradually add this..with the butter mixture while mixing at high speed. (If the mixture does not mix well or starts to curdle , add no more egg , add 2-3 tablespoons flour)
– Sift the flour above this mixture and stir with a spatula till everything is well combined.
– Divide the batter into three equal parts.
– Mix the first portion with pink food coloring . Mix the second with cocoa powder and add milk.
– Pour the mixture into your cake tin – rose – chocolate – and the plain batter, using a fork/spatula ,  gently swirl the three colors to incorporate it in a marble effect.
– Bake for about 1 hour

Have fun making it!

38 responses to “Marble Twin Cake

  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Hopefully soon I will find a place with an oven and all the right ingredients! 🙂

    • The color pink makes it little bit different, more cute and brighter 🙂 Yes we are very alike, we love baking whenever we can and of course eating it hihi. 😀

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