Fried Tofu

Fried Tofu

Tofu used  in many East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines

Our mother often cook delicious dishes with tofu in it. You can cook,steam or fried it.  Tofu is made out of soybean and has this subtle flavor. If you seasoned it well, you can not stop eating it! The Tofu has a large amount of protein, calcium and iron with low fat.  This also will be a good option for vegetarian people.

Whenever we are in Indonesia we always love to eat fried tofu (tahu) with kecap (pedis). Sometimes even with breakfast!  We made a simple dish that just takes a few minutes. Cut the tofu in squares or in any kind of shapes you want, then seasoned it and fried till they are crispy and got this brown-golding look. Eating this with spicy kecap manis or cucumber salad will be yummie!

Soon we will post more dishes with tofu,  so make sure to visit our site often!

15 responses to “Fried Tofu

  1. Ineke and Anneke – These fried tofu look delicious. I agree – tofu is addicting, especially paired with a spicy condiment or salad. Crispy tofu is my very favorite (actually, I recently posted an oven-baked crispy Japanese tofu recipe!). 🙂 What is your all-time favorite tofu preparation and pairing/ recipe? Have a great night – Shanna

    • Hi Shanna, yes we saw your post Crispy japanese tofu. It looks Yummie! Our all time favorite tofu must be our mothers recipe again. Its an Indonesian dish, called “tempe&tahu (tofu) bacem”. Taste very sweet but delicious. And there is also another (spicy) dish with tofu where we add some shrimp and coconut milk. We and our mother recently made this tempe&tahu bacem , soon we will post this dish.
      A bit late, but we wish you and your family a Very Happy New Year 2014! -Twins

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  3. Oh my! I’m in love!
    I discovered your Vegetarian Tab! Yesssssss! And to think I’ve got some Tofu in the frig right now. I’m so excited until I can jump up and dance. It’s on and popping. The only addition to my menu will be sauce, which I can pick up tomorrow.
    Thanks so very much for being on my path (and plate)! lol

    In true foodie style,

    • Hii Claudia! Hihi yes we have a vegetarian Tab! We still want to post more with vegetarian dishes in the future. Tofu is always delicious! Some people don’t like it, but the key is add some seasoning or sauce with it and Yummm. Oeh we are pretty sure you enjoyed the tofu with the sauce hihi. Thank you for visiting our blog and also for being on our path:D We keep in touch!

      • Hi TWINS!!!
        I’m so excited about finding your blog home and preparing some of the savory-looking dishes!!! My taste buds are salivating! Will definitely keep in touch!

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