The Talented Les Twins!


Les twins! Who? Unbelievable, you don’t know them yet? Well, I think that’s going about to change NOW!

These 2 brothers from France, obviously Twins 😉  are famous for their unique new hiphop dance moves. They started dancing at a young age. No, not at a dance school, but teaching themselves just by observing others, and they develop all kinds of dance techniques in hiphop, lock, pop and ballet.

Les Twins  participate several dance competitions and talent shows worldwide. They made their U.S TV debut on the Ellen Degeneres show.They already performed with famous artist like David Guetta, Ne-yo, Akon, Big Sean, Missy Elliott and Timbaland.  And if that isn’t enough they toured with the incredible Beyonce as the only male dancers on Beyonce’s world tour.

We remember the first time seeing a video on YouTube a couple years ago. They auditioned at a talent show called Incroyable Talent back in 2008. Since then we never stopped watching their vids on YouTube. Hopefully they will come to the Netherlands someday soon, to perform or give a workshop. We can’t wait until that day comes!

Les Twins @ HHI 2012

5 responses to “The Talented Les Twins!

  1. I’ve seen their dance on a YT video before too! Fell in love with them since. Was also surprised to find them in Meghan Trahnor(?)’s new music video (I absolutely LOATHE “All About That Bass” just sayin’)

    • Yes, we love them too, since we saw a youtube vid where they did a audition in a talent show haha. We were like wow hihi. Thanks for stopping by..And have a nice day 😀

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