How to make chocolate mousse


A very delicious, easy-to-make chocolate mousse recipe.

We LOVE chocolate. Anything with chocolate, Yes Please!  Couple days ago we had dinner at our friends house, and she made this yummie dessert. She gave us this recipe and today we made it ourselfs. No eggs, no butter needed. Within 10 minutes you are done.For decoration we added some fruit and sprinkled white chocolate. We would like to share this recipe with you guys, cause really its worth to try! 


250 ml unwhipped cream
2 tablespoon cacao powder
4 tablespoon dark caster sugar
1,5 bag of klop -fix (or anything that makes the cream thicker)

– Put  everything together and mix it till its combined. Make sure not to overmix.

– Transfer into a bowl and put it in the refrigerator.

Thats it!! 😀


24 responses to “How to make chocolate mousse

    • Thank you Shanna, klop-fix is a powder that you add with the cream,it ensures that the cream remains firm and it prevents that it will become too soft and smooth. We don’t know exactly what is similar to Klop-fix in the US. They might have this in US as well but they call it differently. Maybe you could ask this at the store or bakery. Otherwise we will sent you some hihi

      • Klop-fix… I will ask my European friends about this. One of them might just send me some, or I will check my Euro speciality stores. 🙂 Thank you for your excellent explanation. I adore your blog. Take good care! Warmly, Shanna

    • Hi Shanna, we did some research and we think there is something similar like klop-fix in the US, its called Dream whip which you can buy at Walmart. Ever heard about this? Cheers

  1. Chocolate…. Yum! I wonder if cornstarch would be a suitable substitution.

    Thanks for the like on my post!

    • Hmm we have never tried it before. But we think you don’t get that same thickness like when you use cornstarch instead of klopfix.
      But we are going to experiment soon 🙂

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    • Hello Renxkyoko, we did some research cause we were asked a lot about this. There is something similar like klop-fix in the US, called Dream whip which you can buy at Walmart.

  3. This looks so yummy! I will be trying it soon seems perfect to make and snuggle up for this rainy weather 🙂

    • Thank you xjocydollx, choco mousse is so yum! do let us know what you think about this recipe. Rainy weather, where do you come from? Xoxo

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