Flower chocolate bread

Flower Chocolate bread by twins

Once again for the chocoholic, bread with chocolate!

We tried a different shape today, a flower. Instead of chocolate you can use any kind of marmalade or fillings you prefer. In the picture below you can see how we make this in steps. Hope you guys will like it 🙂 Have fun!

How to make flower chocolate bread bread

161 responses to “Flower chocolate bread

  1. Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for liking my post. I was in Amsterdam two years ago and I loved the city. I really liked the Van Gogh Museum and the atmosphere around Rembrandt Square. Loved it! Lived on a houseboat for a week and had a blast!

    • Thanks for visiting our blog! Amsterdam is lots of fun and so much to do! Yes we like Rembrandt Square as well, there are many go-out places and restaurants. But we have to say de Leidse Square is also great! Glad you loved Amsterdam :).

    • Thank you Sarah! Yes we saw it on the news, wow lots of snow there in NY/Brooklyn. We are absolutely sure you can make this flower bread too. Let us know how it went! 🙂

    • Hi Rosemoor! Yes, you lay a second dough with the same size over the top of the first 🙂 . After you have done that, just squeeze the ends of the dough together, cut and twist. Thanks for stopping by !

  2. OMG – chocolate bread!? I have a half-marathon next month, and after I finish it, I am making this recipe to celebrate. Thanks for the Like on my blog!

    • Hi Nancymn! WOW we wish you good luck with the half-marathon, go go Nancy 🙂 ! Thanks for stopping by our blog and have fun making this recipe! Let us know how it went..

    • Sophie, thanks for your lovely comment! Enjoy making this flower shaped sweet bread 🙂 If you still have any questions how to do it, let us know 😉

    • Hii Marty! haha thanks for you lovely comment! Yes you can use any filling you want..and peanut butter nuts sounds yummiee! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. Looks amazing! Not only tasty but pretty too. 🙂 A must eat for the chocoholic that I am! :p Thanks for the visit to my blog, I’m pretty new to the community! xxx

    • Hi nlockier! Anytime 🙂 this recipe ‘low fat red pesto dip’ has delicious ingredients. And it seems easy to make even for us hihi..Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I’m afraid I didn’t get the whole picture. I can make a sweet yeast dough, divide it and putting chocolate between the two layers. However, the cutting/shaping to get the flower effect would be wonderful. Is there a chance you would share it? Léa

  5. Hi dear! This looks really good! Now I’m a bit hungry…^-^ by the way thank you so much for your like and for visiting my blog! You made my day, I’m so glad, that you like this blog, because I just started to blog, thank you again:3
    Stay fash, your Lary

    • Hi Haryati! Baking is always fun to do. We are amateur in baking hihi..we still have to learn a lot too 🙂 But we hope you love the recipes, we always try to make it as easy as possible so others can bake it also. 🙂

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