Homemade Cronuts!

Cronuts made by Twins

Cronuts..a mix between a croissant and a donut. 

We were so curious about the newest culinary rage in New York City. Too bad we are not able to go to NY anytime soon, just to try this sweet treat and go back. So we figure why not doing some research and make it ourself. Today we attempted to make a few of these Cronuts! We know it will not taste and look exactly the same as the original one from pastry chef Dominique Ansel, who invented this croissant-donut. But it was delicious and fun making it.

Here is the recipe for homemade cronuts:

– Prepare the croissant dough (which you can buy in a grocery store)
– Give the dough a quick roll and fold it. Repeat this 3 times ( Roll, fold, roll, fold, roll, fold) haha. Till you get this envelop shape between one or 2 inches thick.
– Cut it into rings and in the middle a smaller ring.
– Then lets fry ’em up in oil.  Flip them often till they get this deep golden color.
– Transfer them on a baking sheet with paper towel and let it cool it of.
– Prepare the Custard and use a piping bag or something else to fill the Cronut
– For the topping you can use whatever you like : cinnamon sugar, icing sugar and sprinkle some chocolate etc.

.How to make Cronut by twins

Done! Super easy to make. Don’t forget to fry the rest of the dough.

Fry the scraps

21 responses to “Homemade Cronuts!

  1. I love it! These are all the rage in NYC. Did you see last week’s chopped? The cronut was a basket ingredient. You always post things that catch the eye. Another amazing share – thank you. Warmly – Shanna

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    • Hi! Yes the croissant dough is actually from France. We saw that you can buy this dough at the Walmart in US. Its called Pilssbury Original Crescent Rolls.

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