Lovely winter items

Winter is coming and that means, cozy at home spending time watching movies in your pajamas, drinking hot chocolate or tea with delicious snacks! 

We love these winter items which you can buy at a store in the Netherlands and some part of Europe. This store is famous because they have a large product range from clothing/accessorizes  to home products and all for a cheap price,yet so trendy.

Below you can see some cute pajamas, scarves, gloves and winter cap/hairband. What do you guys think?

Grey Pajamas  Pink Pajamas Haarband en muts Panterrrr Pajamas Gloves Pajamas Pantofel Red compleet PajamasJPG

32 responses to “Lovely winter items

    • You too, thank you for visiting our blog! Den haag is a nice city, and its just 10 min from the famous beach/boulevard Scheveningen 🙂 Enjoy! We looking forward to read more of your post.

    • Hi Morgana Martin, thanks for your lovely comment 🙂 . Yes we know, in almost every (baking) recipe we use ‘a lot’ of sugar hihi. We just googled and maybe it will be a good option to use Canderel (a artificial sweetener,low calorie substance) instead of sugar. Its available in tablets and in a granular powder form . Think we will soon going to try this out for ourselfs 🙂

      • Good luck with that. I’d love to hear how it turns out. A really healthy alternative to sugar is xylitol, made from birch trees or (second choice) corn. It’s expensive now, but it might not be so much if you have big food business. I buy a 50 pound bag for myself every year or two (just me and my husband) for about $250 U.S., delivery included.

    • Hallo Jenna dank je! Ja wij ook, toch leuk om weer te gaan shoppen voor laarzen en leuke kleding voor de koude dagen straks haha. Nice blog heb je trouwens! xx

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