Beautiful Bali !

Bali traditional

Bali a great place where culture and modern meets.

Bali is the largest tourist destination in Indonesia and is located between Java and Lombok. The capital city is Denpasar. Although its a small island but it has a population of almost 4.22 million and has all the facilities to provide the citizens and tourist of everything. The most of Bali’s population is Hindu, you can see it  nearly in every aspect of their traditional life. Like ritual dance performances, daily offering food/ flowers to the gods in front of their store, temple or beach. The atmosphere is very relax, everyone is taking their time. No rush rush what so ever!  Feels like flower power time in the seventies haha. Its all about relaxing, spa, great food/drinks, surfing and doing sightseeing. The people are very nice! We already went to this beautiful island twice. We writing this post because its been 2 years ago we went to Bali during Christmas holiday. It remind us of the lovely time we spend there! It was so funny seeing Santa Claus walking on the beach on a hot sunny day haha .

Here is a list of places we visited and maybe some trip ideas for you whenever you go to Bali:


Kuta is the most famous tourist place in Bali and definitely one of  our favorite hotspot in the world! We love the hustle and bustle of this place. Famous because of its spectacular white sandy beach, great place for surfing, both luxury and budget hotels are available,  a good place to go out, plenty of restaurants with international/indonesian cuisine, Water Boom Park and shopping center.

* Lovina

If you want to avoid the tourist hotspots of the south side of the island, Lovina is a good place to go. famous of its calm sea water, blackish chromatic sand and of course dolphins. Here you can enjoy delicious food, souvenir shops, go out places, several spa facilities, snorkeling and participate a dolphin watching tour. If you want you can even swim with dolphins at the Melka hotel Bali in one of their salt water pools. This is the only hotel in the world which offers to swim with these cute dolphins. Our nieces also from holland took this opportunity because it was always their dream to do this. Bali is also famous of its waterfalls, make sure to visit one of them. The Gitgit waterfall is a must see, height about 35 meters and is surrounded by tropical trees. Comparing to Kuta, Lovina is more quiet. But believe us there is so much more to see of Lovina!

* Tanah Lot Temple

The Tanah Lot is located in Tabanan and its about 20 km from Denpasar .  This temple is built on a large offshore rock in the middle of the sea and here  they worship the sea gods. To reach the temple we first had to walk through a street with lots of souvenirs shops and restaurants which leaded us to the sea. There was also a place near the sea where you can make a picture with a huge snake!  It was scary, fascinating but sad at the same time. We don’t know what the people gave him, but it was like this snake was high! Awake but  also not ” awake” ,very weird.  Once you reached the beach you have this beautiful view!  Make sure you go when the tide is low, so you can walk to the temple and make a tour. Its also beautiful when the tide is high, cause then it looks like the temple on the rock is floating. The sunset here is amazing!


*Denpasar city

* Ubud Monkey forest

Uluwatu Temple

Pulaki Temple

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    • Thank you Davidjennyds! Really? That’s so nice, we are sure you guys will fall in love with this part of the world hihi! Where in Asia are you planning to go? Bali? Don’t forget to post about it, we would love to read your travel experiences 😀 Xoxo

    • Hi fromdreamtoplan! Ah good to know another fellow lover for travel and cook/food! Your sweet comment really made our day so thank you for that. We are glad you like our blog, your blog looks amazing as well! 😀

    • Hello! Yes indeed, bali is beautiful and locals are very friendly! A great place for surfing! Btw, you have a great blog, WOW you have been to places we would LOVE to go one day, Myanmar, Japan, Thailand and Cambodia! Thx for stopping by our blog..have a nice day xoxo

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