Luxembourg just like in fairy tale!

Luxembourg city

Luxembourg a land of numerous majestic castles with breath taking landscapes, just like in fairy tale. 

When we were little our father always talked about his adventure in Luxembourg with our uncles and grandparents. How he loved to explore this little country and especially enjoying the beautiful surroundings.  He said someday I will take you guys to Luxembourg so you can see it for yourself . For us its just a 3 hour drive from where we live.  So we and our brother figure why not surprise him for his birthday and take him to Luxembourg for a road weekend-trip! So we did!  We first did some sight seeing in Belgium, like visiting the cave of Remouchamps and waterfall of Coo. On the way we made some stops to picnic and enjoy the beautiful view. From there we went to our bungalow (this was our first time staying in a camping/bungalow) Our bungalow was located near the forest, so it was peaceful. The next few days we did some sightseeing, walked around and went to places where our father went in his younger years, he loved it! And of course we did too!

Here’s a list where we went.

* Vianden

Vianden an old city but looked like something you’d see in a fairytale, it felt like we were on the set of The Princess Diaries 2.  All of the buildings and houses looked like miniatures. Here you can also find the famous Vianden Castle, which was built between the 11th and 14th Century. The castle is located on a beautiful hill, if you want you can make a tour.

* Luxembourg city

A really nice city to explore. Its an old small city but home for 150 different nationalities. On Saturdays you have this local market where you can buy traditional food, fruit/vegetables etc. We bought some of their roasted chicken( so yummie!) and ate it on a park bench  (on a hill) looking down at the old city. We had this beautiful view of the valley the petrusse (skyline).

– Adolfs bridge

– Grand Ducal Palace


A route of 11,7 kilometer long. During the walk you will enjoy a lot of Luxembourg’s beautiful nature. Small streams of water everywhere, big rocks, trees etc. Definitely a great place to make long walks.


14 responses to “Luxembourg just like in fairy tale!

  1. I was only one day in Luxembourg city but enjoyed it very much. A beautiful city! I made terrific photos from the top of the hill.

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by! Yes if you get the chance you really should visit Luxembourg 🙂 And don’t forget to visit Holland too, during your Europe trip hihi.

      • I am 50% Dutch 🙂 I plan to visit Amsterdam and Eindhoven! If all goes well I will also meet my relatives who still live there, but the search has been difficult.

      • Oh Amsterdam and Eindhoven, beautiful cities to visit! Both are our favorite here! Yes it must be hard to find, but hopefully you will find you relatives soon. Good luck with your search! Looking forward to read your post about your trip to Holland 🙂

  2. Great post you have here! too bad i didn’t go to luxembourg during my trip. Maybe next time. Anyway thanks for liking my post 🙂

    • Thank you zulkhairih! aww too bad, maybe next time in the future if you get the chance. Its a nice country to visit! Thanks for visiting our blog 🙂

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