Lovely United Kingdom

BIG BENUnited Kingdom well known of its fish and chips, Jamie Oliver, High tea, David Beckham and of course the famous  royal couple Kate and William.

We’ve been to the UK a couple times. The first time we went, we and some friends stayed for a few months,  because we had to do an internship abroad.  In our free time we explored cities from north to south UK by train and coach.  Because of the history they had with India/Pakistani you see a lot of influences of India (restaurants, grocery/clothing stores, indian radio stations etc)  and beside fish and chips Britain people loveee the indian dish..Curry!  Here we learned to drink tea with milk and eating biscuits, learned words like cheers/mate/bloody/fancy/ the telly and wanker haha.  We had an amazing time!  Love the country, love the people.

Here’s our where-to-go list:


City Manchester is a big city with lots to do and see.

* The famous Market street is very crowded but still nice to walk around. Plenty of stores, fine restaurants,singers and street/dance performers .
* Manchester united stadium.

London :

* Changing of the guard (near Buckingham palace)
* Harrods
* St paul’s Cathedral
* Millennium Bridge
* Tate Modern (musea)
* The London Eye
* Trafalgar Square
* National Gallery
* Oxford street/Piccadilly circus street ( Shopping paradise!)
* China town in London

Cities in West Yorkshire


* The Thornton’s Arcade  a stunning Victorian arcade, with nice little cultural and historic features.
*The Victoria Quarter with loads of little shops, great for shopping! Ideal place when its cold outside. Just walk around or enjoy a snack or meal in the several restaurants you have there. Worth to visit.
* Kirgate Market a massive indoor market with good variety of stalls. From clothes to food and much more. Its located in a beautiful Victorian building. Really a Must-see!


* We went to the National Media Museum twice. Its a fabulous place if you want to know all about the history of film, TV, radio photography and the web. The entrance is free of charge, many things to see and do for all ages. We and our friends also tried to read the news, oh my gosh that was so hilarious! Instead of reading we only laughed.

* City center: Just walk around in this town you will love it.  The people are so friendly here and the food is delicious!


A small town but really nice! We went several times to this Indian/Pakistani restaurants Balooshai and Kebabish Original.  They serve great and yummie dishes. We really recommend these 2.


North Yorkshire


A city that’s known for the ancients city walls the Romans build in  71 AD. A city you have to visit.


53 responses to “Lovely United Kingdom

  1. How lovely to read a post about UK ! I lived in London like a year back., I miss that place terribly.,! I’d say the next you go, you must visit Bath, it is stunning and Edinburgh if you can make time, there’s no place like it ! 🙂

    • London such a nice city! We’ve been there a few times but we cant get enough either haha. Ok the next time we go we will visit Bath, and Edinburgh is still on our list of ” places to visit “. Thanks for the advice Radhika 🙂 !

  2. Ahh I used to live in London 3 months ago, definitely miss the place. Make sure to check out Bath next time you’re there – it’s stunning!

  3. What a sweet post. Your list of words you’ve learnt made me chuckle!
    How marvelous too, to do something that means you have to spend time abroad and it sounds as though you made the best of your time here by not just staying in one place.

    • Thank you sosusie for you nice comment haha. Yes we definitely had a wonderful time in the UK! There is still a lot of cities we would like to visit, so many beautiful places to visit in the UK 😀

  4. Good to see a mention for Leeds and Bradford. I second those, and York for definite. One of the most beautiful cities in England in my opinion. It’s perfect for a simple wander around.

    • Thank you Ladorita for dropping by! Yes indeed, York is a beautiful city, with a a lovely historic city centre! We would love to go back someday 🙂

    • Hello imagesbydashfield. Unfortunately,we haven’t been to the British Museum before, but we will def pay a visit next time we visit UK. Harvey Nichols? Ok, we will keep it in mind, thanks 🙂

  5. You’ve got a good list, it’s very interesting to read it as someone who’s lived in the UK (near London) my whole life. You’ve seen a lot more of the north than I have! 😉

    I agree with other commenters, you must make sure you go to Bath next time you’re here – it’s wonderful.

    I also recommend Brighton to you as you have to see a proper English seaside, and buy some Brighton rock 🙂

    • Hi Sliceofsunny! Nice you live near London, so you can go anytime you want! You are lucky 🙂 Thank you for your suggestions, next time we will definitely visit Bath and Brighton. We have heard so much about these cities. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Really appreciate it! Still in Paris? A wonderful city, have fun!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog Fashion Made for You and More. I was born in London but have made Florida my home. Thanks for the review. I hope to visit my birth place soon.

    • Hello Mymcbooks. We haven’t been to Florida before but we are sure that it is beautiful, warm weather, beautiful beaches, Miami city and of course Walt disney world hihi 🙂

    • Hi Joe! Glad you like our ‘where to go list’! There are definitely more places to add like Bath, but we haven’t been able to visit yet! Thanks for visiting our blog.

    • Thanks we are definitely putting these restaurants on our list! We are planning to go to London next year, so this is very helpful. We can’t wait to go baaaack 😀

  7. Ha ha ha my home town of Wakefield has an empty space underneath it? Add in a visit to the historic Sandal castle where the War of the Roses was fought 🙂
    I also lived in York….there’s loads to see there….the Shambles for shopping, the Minister for history! Beautiful placed….loved it.

    • Hii! Wakefield is a beautiful city hihi. We will visit the historic Sandal castle, if we are going back to UK soon. It sounds very interesting. Thanks for the advice 😀 York is a great city as well..we can’t wait to go back! Thanks for stopping by! 😀

    • Haha, thank you thatsortofhealthguy :). Planning to go here? We saw you are going to travel the world in coming months? Don’t forget to visit the Netherlands too hihi.

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