Chicken pastry ala twin

Chicken pastry ala twin

Spring is coming so lets make some chicken pastry in a beautiful sun shape.

Yeaah spring is coming..hellow birds, butterflies and bees where have you all been? The last few days we had an incredible weather, almost 20 degrees! Finally!

Sorry guys its been a while we post something on our blog, We’ve been busy the last few weeks, it was a little bit hectic. Sick for a few days, flu 😦 And busy with work, celebrating our birthday, celebrating our moms/family and friends birthdays etc etc. But we are back now hihi.

Today we made a delicious chicken pastry with mashed (fried) potatoes, mushrooms, spring onions and Exeter Chicken Luncheon meat.Its the first time we used Exeter Chicken as an ingredient for our chicken pastry. We have to admit we had our doubts about the flavor and texture, because normally we use chicken breast instead. But with this recipe  its easier to use Exeter Chicken as an alternative because you can mash up all the ingredients much easier .

It looks difficult but we are going to show you how to do it! Lets start!



– 5 mushrooms
– 2 eggs
– spring onions
– fried potatoes
– pastry
– 1,5 Exeter Chicken Luncheon meat
– salt
– pepper
– garlic powder

– egg yolk, egg whites
– sesame seeds


– Put the mushrooms, spring onions, fried potatoes and Exeter Chicken Luncheon meat in a bowl and mash them all together using a pestle.
– Add the eggs, salt, pepper and garlic powder and mash it all together again.
– roll out the pastry in a circle
– Put the filling on the first layer. Make a ball shape out of the filling and place it in the middle. After that make a circle around the ball. See the picture below.
– Put the second layer above the first layer with the filling.
– Cut the edges and use a fork to make these marks on the corners.
– After that, carefully slice the pastry with the filling.
– Take a few pieces out, so you have more space to turn the slices. See picture below.
–  Whisk the egg whites and use a pastry brush to spread the egg white on the surface of the chicken pastry.
– Do the same thing with the egg yolk and spread it just in the middle.
– Sprinkle some sesame seeds in the middle.
– Put it in the oven till its golden brown


Thats it! Hope you guys will like this recipe!

Ingredients Twins  










Still have leftovers like potatoes or meat etc (like we always have grrrr). Not to worry! You can always make something else with these ingredients like Kleine (little) Kroketjes

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    • Thank you Yonni for your nice comment! We really appreciate your visit and bookmarking our post. You have a great blog too 🙂 You too all the best and continue posting.

    • Hi mud! You are very welcome, hope you liked this recipe. Yes for the filling we always use chicken breast too, but this time we wanted to experiment with Exeter Chicken. But you can use any filling you prefer.

    • Dank je wel Grumzz! Ja vorm maakt het net weer iets anders hihi. En de vulling kan je varieren met wat je zelf lekker vindt.:D

    • Thank you Lisa for your nice comment! Yes it is pretty simple to make and yummie hihi. You can use any filling you want with this recipe. Let us know how it went if you are going to make it 😀

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