Kleine (little) Kroketjes


Kleine kroketjes we filled with potatoes and chicken.

Every country has its own version of croquette, some fill it with cheese or fish,vegetables, meat etc. We made our own version of kroket haha. We made these snack from some leftovers (ingredients) from our previous post
Chicken pastry ala twin. The kroketjes is usually shaped into a round or oval shape and then deep fried in hot oil.

This is a very easy recipe to make! Delicious snack for anytime.



– Fried potatoes
– 1 Exeter Chicken Luncheon meat
– Fried onion
– Salt
– Pepper
– Garlic powder
– 1 egg
– 1 beaten egg
– Bread crumbs
– oil for frying


Kleine Kroketjes

Hope you guys like it!

39 responses to “Kleine (little) Kroketjes

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  2. I loved “croquettes” in Spain – so I know I would love these. How smart of you to make your leftovers “do double duty.” Brilliant. These look incredibly tasty and flavorful; I love the flavors of onion, potato and garlic in unison. A bit of rosemary might sing with these ingredients, too. Thanks for sharing another great recipe. Loving your photos!

    • Thank you, for always making nice comment * blushing* hihi! Yes you are right Shanna, a bit of rosemary will definitely bring some more flavor to it. Next time we will try it too, thanks for the idea 🙂 ! We are so glad you like this recipe! Xx

    • You can always make vegetarian kroket (croquettes), using only vegetables like potatoes, carrots, beans or even tofu etc. The nice thing of making kroket is you can use any ingredients you like :D. But make sure you got a thick texture so you can kneed and make shapes of it.

  3. The husband always gets an order of these when we go back “home”. I think I’ll try them baked to drop the fat content. Thanks for your recipe and reminders that I should make a few things he likes from across the pond.

    • Hello Rose! Yes in Holland we love kroketten and bitterballen ( same as kroketten but in a little ball shape) Its not the same as the traditional one but sort of hihi. We are happy that you are going to try this recipe, hope you will like it! 🙂

  4. A really nice recipe! Living in the Uk but growing up in the Netherlands I really miss a nice kroket sometimes! This is a nice twist!

    • Hi Laura! Yes for the one who grew up in the Netherlands will sure miss and crave for this snack time to time. Cause we always do hihi..Hopefully you will like this version 🙂

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