Discover Island Java in Indonesia!


The Republic of Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world and has over 17,000 islands.

Hallo semuanya apa kabar!? Finally a post about Indonesia :). Even though we were not born here but every time we visit Indonesia it feels like homecoming.
The country of our ancestors. We feel truly blessed that we already have visited this country many times. We usually go for family visits but of course in between we do make sightseeing trips. Indonesia has a beautiful scenery (mountains, volcanoes, beautiful beaches, jungle) and rich in culture and tradition. There are around 300 distinct native ethnic groups in Indonesia, and almost 742 different languages and dialects.Wow! (Yes, we googled it and were amazed too hihi!) . Friendly people and of course delicious food. Indonesia has a tropical climate, best time to visit is in the month of June till October the rest of the year its rain season.

After independence day ( 17 august 1945) they have known hard times economically. But gradually Indonesia has shown the world that they have grown. The country is now the largest economy in Southeast Asia and a member of the G-20 major. When we visited the big cities like Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya we were really surprised of how far Indonesia has come, if you talk about buildings (architecture) malls, tourist activities, technology etc. We don’t even come close to it here in the Netherlands hihi. Sadly besides all these beautiful modern cities, you do still see a lot of poverty. The contrast between rich and poor is big.  But still rich or poor the people  are so generous, they will always welcome you with open arms and a big smile.

Indonesia has a lot to offer, so much to see and do. A great place from diving, surfing , hiking  and trekking to shopping and doing cultural activities.  We ‘ve only been to Java and Bali . But hopefully in the future we can visit other islands like Sumatra , Sulawesi , Papua , Maluku and Kalimantan.

Our list of where to go.

* Bandung:

Definitely one of our favorite city in Java. Most of our family members lives here. Bandung also known as “Paris of Java” or “kota kembang (flower city)”. It’s the third largest city in Indonesia and is surrounded by volcanic mountains which is why the climate in Bandung is cooler than most of the Indonesian cities. The native people are called Sundanese, and besides Bahasa Indonesia they speak Sunda too. Bandung is a popular weekend destination for people from Jakarta. Bandung / Sundanese are known for their music, famous artists, traditional instruments (Angklung, suling bambu etc), fashion and culinary food.
When you come to Bandung  make sure to visit these places.

Sundanese restaurants:

Address:             Jl. Arcamanik Endah No. 38, Bandung, West Java
Worth a stop if you are a foodie!  Walk in and you will see a long display of seafood, chicken, vegetables, beef, tahu/tempe, salads (lalap) etc. All you have to do is pile up a plateful of whatever you like and they’ll fry it up for you so it’s nice and hot when it reaches your table.

Adress :               Jalan Pasirkaliki 160, Bandung
Jalan Laswi 1, Bandung
Traditional food with elegant surrounding.

Address:             Jalan Surapati 49
Traditional food and if you want you can eat while sitting on the floor without chairs. And for parties you can hire a live band or do karaoke together for fun.

Address :            Sari Sunda Soekarno Hatta,
Jl. Soekarno Hatta no 479B, South Bandung
Is a restaurant chain in Bandung that serve typical West Java’s Sundanese food in elegant surroundings.

* 499
Address:             Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 687, Bandung, West Java 40121
They serve delicious Mie goreng!


–          Paris van Java
–          Cihampelas mall (ciwalk)
–          Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP)
–          Jalan Braga
–          Pasar baru trade center
–          Rumah Mode Factory Outlet
–          Instana Bandung Electronic Centre (BEC)


–          Saung Angklung Udjo
–          Mount Tangkuban Perahu
–          White Crater (kawa putih)
–          Sari Ater Hot Springs Resort
–          Situ Patenggang
–          Kampung Sampireun

* Jakarta:

Jakarta, formerly known as Batavia, the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. Jakarta is a huge metropolitan city with a population of more than 9 million people. You think about Jakarta, you automatically think TRAFFIC (macet haha). For people who love to shop, JKT is a real shopping paradise. The Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall, Pacific Place. While for bargain rates, Tanah Abang wholesale center, Mangga Dua and Kelapa Gading are favourite shopping haunts. Don’t forget to visit Dunia Fantasie (amusement park), Ancol Dreampark ( Sea world, waterpark etc), Taman Mini Indonesia ( miniature park), Monas ( The national monument).

* Jogyakarta:

  • Borobudur is an impressive 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Magelang  and is about 40 km from Jogya a real must see! This Temple is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.
  •  Prambanan temple, is located not far from the Buddhist Borobudur temple. The difference between these two is that the Borobudur temple is Buddhist, and this one is hindu.
  • Again for the shopaholics, Malioboro is the most famous street to go. Located in the heart of Yogya.

* Surabaya

* Probolingo

* Malang

Afcourse there are many other sightseeing to visit 😀

57 responses to “Discover Island Java in Indonesia!

    • Dear Shanna.Yes a beautiful experience indeed. Its always nice to go back and see our family again and to actually see and learn where our parents come from. 😀 Have a nice evening and hugs for the little ones. Xx

  1. Salamat pagi and thanks liking a post on Your blog looks really interesting, so am following 🙂 We love Indonesia – it is a beautiful place with gorgeous people!

    • Selamat siang Tracey! Your blog looks interesting as well. Thanks for the follow, we really appreciate it 😀 Yes indeed, Indonesia is a lovely country, always nice to go back! We never been to Australia but hopefully someday we will. Cheers Ineke & Anneke

    • Hey Munky! Thanks for the nice comment. You have an interesting blog, visited a lot of countries. So now we know who to ask for information hihi. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

      • Oh London, Nice! You will definitely like the city. Of course you can ask us anytime 😉 Don’t forget to visit our lovely city Amsterdam in the Netherlands hihi, is nearby :p

  2. cewinta, what a beautiful journey this is! Thank you for your “like” and continued support at! I can’t wait to see you again soon!

    Stay beautiful! ❤


    • Your welcome! You really should visit Indo, def worth it. Our family often go for a weekend trip to Singapore, we only hear nice stories. Makes us very curious hihi

  3. come again to Jogjakarta and visit my family restaurant.. we serve authentic javanese food..

    and thank you for the amazing post about Indonesia..


    • Makasih sis Hanie udah visit our blog! Iya lain kali kami pasti ke family restaurant sis Hanie. Blog’y sis bagus sekali banyak information. Makasih for sharing!

  4. What a wonderful trip. I visited Indonesia 4 yrs ago and always want to come back someday. I like your blog. Looking forward to your next post

    • Thank you Land 🙂 Yes hopefully you can go back someday soon! Indonesia has a lot to offer, different islands you can visit. Thank you for visiting our blog

  5. Salemat pagi from Sydney Australia!
    Ik ben in Amsterdam geboren. Mijn vader was een Indo, oorspronkelijk uit djakarta en mijn moeder is Nederlands.
    Ik woon al jaren in Sydney, maar mijn familie wonen nog wel allemaal in Nederland.
    Prachtig geschreven tweeling! Ik ben alleen maar maar Bali geweest en ik heb net voor de 4e keer geboekt.
    Java trekt me nu ook.

    Ik ga snel meer lezen. Je hebt een mew follower!

    • Selamat pagi juga from the Netherlands 🙂 Dank u wel voor the following! Leuk om te horen dat u een indo bent en in Nederland bent geboren. Wij zijn zelf ook in Belanda geboren hihi. Wow u woont in Sydney, zo leuk! Het staat al zo lang op ons ” travel list”. Hopelijk someday soon! Bali is inderdaad heel mooi, maar eiland Java raden we u ook aan. Veel te bezichtigen en te doen 🙂 Terimakasih voor het bezoeken van onze blog!

    • Hi Khairunnisa apa kabar? Your welcome! Yes we often go to Indonesia, visiting our family. And of course doing some sightseeing :D. Kalau Khairunnisa indonesia’y dmn? Enjoy ur weekend..

      • Hai cewinta. Kabar baik, kalian bagaimana? Wow nice to know you have family in Indonesia. Sepertinya kalian sudah mengunjungi banyak tempat di Indonesia ya? I come from Jakarta. Have a nice weekend too 🙂

      • Baik juga 😀 Iya masih banyak saudara yg tinggal di Bandung jadi sering ke indo trs sekalian travel. Ortu kami aslinya dari Bdg. Ohw Jakarta, such a nice place. Kami jg masih ada saudara2 di jakarta. Lovely city cuman macet’y minta ampunnn hihi!

  6. @Cewinta Next time, saat travel ke Jawa Tengah, silakan mampir Karimunjawa Island. Very recommended saat laut tenang, Sep – Nov dan Maret – Mei 🙂

    • Hi Abigailngxj! Nice cities! We haven’t visit Bromo yet, we would love to go next time. Have fun, we are sure you will love it! Thanks for the visit 🙂

    • Hii baik kalo Josatambunan gimana kabarnya? Makasih! We would love to visit and explore other islands that Indonesia has. So much culture, so much different food and art! Hopefully someday soon 😀

  7. Yogja is a very nice place to explore all the area around, especially Borobudur which seems to be ever crowded. We spent so much time there we did not have time for Malioboro…

    • Yes, Yogja is a beautiful place, a lot to explore! We love our time spending there. Borobudur is crowded indeed haha, sure a must see if you get there. Malioboro, is great too. But we understand have you didn’t go there. There is just so much to see in Yogya.. surroundings and nature there is amazing.

  8. Hi, twin sisters. I enjoyed reading ur blog bout our country especially bout one of the cities, Bandung. It’s where I’ve been living since 1998. There’re lot more cafes and outdoor destinations to visit. Not to mention the art galleries. For outdoor, there’s taman hutan raya juanda. People usually have a picnic or even hold a wedding party. And for art gallery, there’s nu art gallery by nyoman nuarta (u’ve probably known him already).
    Well, I hope what I just added can make people more interested to visit Indonesia, especially Bandung.
    And thanks anyway, for liking my post😘

    • Hey sis Faulinafardablog, kumaha damang :)? Glad you like this post! Bandung, our favorite place in java as well. Wow, since 1998? That’s great! Thank you so much for your info, we appreciate it. Never been to Taman hutan raya juanda, we just google it and it looks beautiful! We also never heard about Nyoman Nuarta ( shame shame), great art gallery! Most of the time if we are in Bdg, we only stay at our family and going to attractions we already have been to many times haha. So next time soon if we go to Bdg, we def going to these two places and of course explore more of Bdg. Hatur nuhun ya teh, and your welcome! xoxo

      • Gosh just read ur reply. Damang teteh:)) yeay, u shud go there. And this Sat, 14th may, nu art gallery is holding a festival. Mostly for kids but adults are also welcome. U can take pics for ur blog.

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