Halloo Berlin


Ich bin ein Berliner…..

Hallo, wie gehts? Wir möchten Ihnen gern etwas über Berlin erzählen.  Berlin is situated in northeastern Germany , and is Germany’s largest city with 3.4 million inhabitants. While walking through Berlin you will discover a mix of modern architecture and beautiful old buildings. A city known of their history, WW 2 and the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989. But also a good place for shopping, great food and culture activities!

Few years ago we visited east Germany with our school. We stayed in Leipzig for 3 weeks and made city trips to Dresden, Weimar and Berlin.  But there was one particular city that we thought, hmm we have to go BACK and that’s Berlinnn. The last time we went we didn’t do all the sightseeing, but last weekend we finally went to this Metro pool with friends. It was very nice to be back.A while ago, a good friend of ours took classes in Berlin to learn the German language. He guided and showed us the hotspot of this amazing metro pool. Dank je wel Carlo hihi!

Our must see attractions:

– Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is an iconic landmark in Berlin. No visit to Berlin is complete without a visit to the Brandenburger Tor. Try to go there early if you want to take photos of the Brandenburg Tor without crowds. But definitely make a trip at night too, the lighting is really amazing! This Brandenburg Gate is really easy to find because it is situated in the middle of Berlin.

– The wall

Even if you only have a couple of hours to spare in Berlin, this is definitely a must see. The good thing is,its free. Visiting the wall at this spot, may give you a better understanding about the drama that East Berliners were going through during the rough years of the separation.

– The Holocaust Memorial

A memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe. Below this memorial you have a museum. About 200 meters down the road you can go to the Führer Bunker. You will only find an information board with a map of the ground floor of the bunker. Not really impressive cause they made a parking lot of it. But it doesn’t need to be impressive considering that 30rd of April 1945 Adolf Hitler committed suicide here, together with his wife Eva Braun.

-Checkpoint Charlie

“You are now leaving the American sector”. Here you can make a picture with acting soldiers standing at the Checkpoint.

– The Berliner Dom

The largest church in the city. Near the church, you have this beautiful park.

– Gendarmenmarkt

A nice characteristic part of Berlin can be found on the Gendarmenmarkt.  Here you have this almost identical churches on both sides of the square. And in between these churches you can find the beautiful concert building. We sat on the steps of the Concert Hall for like hours just to take a rest after strolling down the city.

Below our favorite Berlin neighbourhoods

Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain

East side gallery @ Friedrichshain




Mitte and Rosenthaler


Night @ Mitte and Rosenthaler


Tiergarten and The Holocaust memorial

Random pictures Berlin

Food @ Berlin

Berlin wall

Random pictures Berlin 2

51 responses to “Halloo Berlin

    • Hi Kamila! Thank you..Berlin is indeed a nice place to visit, especially in summer time. Nice weather, eating outside in the parks etc. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • My brother-in-law (hubby’s brother) lives and works in Germany… and has for quite a while. I may have some distant relatives there, but I have not met them. My family was Jewish, so it is doubtful I have any family there. My own descendents left Germany/Austria before WWII, thank goodness. I have always been interested in the history and culture of Germany.

      • hi Shanna. Yes the history and culture of Germany is very interesting. What happened in WWII, we should never forget. The history is very important for next generations. Oh if you ever plan to go to Germany visiting your brother in law don’t forget to visit the twins in the Netherlands hihi its near :D.

    • CarlooOoo 😀 We hebben zoveel fotos gemaakt dat het moeilijk was om ze te selecteren voor de blog. Foto’s mailen we naar je toe 😉 tot snel!

    • Thank you Victoria! We checked yours, a really great blog as well. Yes you should def go to Berlin, its a nice city to visit. Enjoy your stay in Germany! But don’t forget to visit the Netherlands often its not that far away from Dusseldorf hihi 🙂

  1. Berlijn is echt zalig eh! Mooie & leuke foto’s! :)) Ben er een paar jaar geleden ook geweest en blijft tot nu toe in mijn top 5 van steden die ik heb gezien! Top post! -xoxo-

    • Danke schon Alexandra! We are sure you had a lovely time in Germany. Hope you can go back soon 😀 Your blog looks amazing! lot of tasty recipes!

  2. That was an amazing school trip, I think!!! Berlin is really awesome, i was there as I was 6 years old, but definitely want to go back! And I want to go to this one great-but-far-too-expensive-hotel there;)) I’m sure everyone has that one hotel, he/she wants to go since he/she can think, but unfortunately often it takes years until you get there… hihi, you always need dreams you can capture, I’m afraid life is senseless otherwise. I hope I’ll get there to see this amazing city and sleep in this hotel! It’s so beautiful*-* And I just saw pictures on the internet yet. Okay, enough about my moaning;) In conclusion I have to say thanks for your like on my blog, honey^-^ To see, that at least one person likes, what I’m blogging about, makes me really, really glad! Oaah, my moaning is terrible, isn’t it? Okay, I’ll stop writing now until I write much more garbage;) Have wonderful evening and stay fash!
    Your Lary

    • Yes it was really amazing. The school trip was a couple years ago. Which hotel do you actually mean? It makes us curious now hihi. You always have to try to make your dreams come true, dreams are your motivation to keep you going. We always makes this bucket list what we would like to do and where to go! Hahaha noo its not moaning at all, don’t worry 😉 And you are very welcome, your site looks great. We really like your style! Keep posting!

  3. Reading your post made me all travel hungry. Berlin is really only a 6-7 hour drive for me but it has been over a year I went there last. Great pictures – great facts!

  4. I’m so jealous that you got to go to Berlin for 3 weeks(and that too…as a school trip) that’s amazing! I’v never actually thought of going to Berlin as of now but now i think I might have to put it on the long list of places to visit. Studied about the Berlin wall in history(long time ago), but this has just reminded how beautiful it actually is. Definitely a must!
    oh yes…and thank you for stopping by and liking. Take care 🙂

    • Hi Kajal, so sorry for our late reply! Glad you like our post! Hihi don’t be jealous, one day you will also visit this beautiful Berlin which is full of History. And if you are there, we are pretty sure you will like it :D.
      Lots to do, and see! You too take care, and let us know if you are going to Berlin (or any other travel destinations). We would like to know your adventures too 😀

    • Thank you Travelling Omnomnivore for your nice comment! And yes Berlin is great :). Your welcome, you have a nice blog we enjoy reading your post!

      • Thanks so much for the positive feedback! It’s what I need to hear to keep writing because several times this year I’ve thought it’s too hard work to juggle it with my full time job plus planning my holidays, and kept thinking I stop blogging. So when I hear nice comments, it encourages me to keep going 🙂

      • Your welcome, we have the same problem hihi. We work fulltime as well, and beside that we want to travel, bake, etc. So we don’t post regularly. So just keep posting on your blog once a while, it doesn’t matter if its not often, but never stop hihi! Cause we love to read post from other”travel-food”bloggers. Xoxo

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