Delicious quiche! There are many different varieties of these.

Quiche originated from France has a pastry crust and a filling of eggs and milk/cream /crème fraîche which, when baked, it becomes a sort of custard. What we love about this dish is that you can choose any ingredients you like such as seafood, mushrooms and broccoli, cheese, onions etc. We made 2 versions, one with fish and vegetables and the other only with vegetables. Below you can get the recipe. Hope you guys will like it.

Thanks Khadija for going with us and doing some last minute “late night” grocery shopping hihi.



– 300 gram flour
– 2 eggs
– 150 gram butter
– pinch of salt

Filling :

– 3 eggs
– 150 ml Crème Fraîche ( sour cream)
– Any kind of vegetables or meat/seafood you prefer
– Any kind of spices you like. Pepper, salt, coriander, garlic powder etc


– Preheat the oven 170 degrees
– Mix the flour, eggs, butter and the salt and knead it all together. If necessary add more flour.
– Transfer the dough in the baking tin.
– For the sauce, mix the eggs and the crème fraîche with the spices.
– Put all the vegetables/meat/seafood in the baking tin.
– At last pour the sauce over the ingredients.
– Put it in the oven for about 50 min.

That’s it!! Enjoy your own version of quiche 😀




Sauce adding spices

Filling fish and vegetables

Filling vegetables

Delish Quiche

63 responses to “Quiche

      • Yes memarose3, you are right. Crème fraîche has a higher fat content that makes the sauce much more thicker. But straight sour cream is also a good option 😀

    • Hi Shanna how are you? Did you already made a quiche, we are sure it tasted very good! Thank you for your nice comment. We can’t wait for your next posts. XoXo

  1. I just had quiche the other day, but found it a bit dry. Your recipe here looks like it would be much better. I’ll have to give it a try. JT

    • Thank you HostessAtHeart for your nice comment! We agree with your daughter hihi..Quiche is pretty easy to make, you can use any combo you like.Thanks for the visit!

  2. I didn’t know making the dough was so easy! If I had known that I would never have bought it before! Next time I’m gonna make it myself, thanks for the recipe! ^_^

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