We meet again Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia

Nice seeing you again Barcelona!

Three years ago we went to this amazing capital city of Catalonia (see our Barcelona trip post). Last summer we went back and it was GREAT!  A full week get-away in Barcelona.
In 2011, we tried to visit all the famous sightseeing in 2,5 days. It was exhausting but still fun! (Right Khadija haha? What a wonderful time it was) But this time we took our time to explore, doing grocery shopping, strolling downtown and get to know the locals etc.

We noticed that there were a few slight changes in the last couple of years.  One of them were:

Park Güell

In 2011 the entrance to Park Güell was free. But now you have to purchase a ticket to visit the Monumental Zone. The rest of the park is free of charge. Notice : When you buy a ticket you will get a specific scheduled entry time and which access control point you have to enter. They are only allowed 400 visitors each 30 minutes in the Monumental Zone. So if you have to wait  for hours before the assigned time, you can visit the free entry zone first which is also very beautiful. Good time for picnic and enjoying the amazing view like we did hihi. For more information check: http://www.parkguell.cat/en/

Still in doubt whether to go or not? We still recommend everyone to visit this city..a pearl in Catalonia.
Again we made some pictures 🙂

Restaurant Betawi in Barca

We were excited to have dinner here, but unfortunately this Indonesian restaurant was closed that day (our last day in Barcelona).



Every time we visit a city we can’t help to make pictures of other twins. They look adorable!


Barca Camp Nou 1



Food restaurant Park Guell


Hard Rock Cafe BARCA 1

Ice Creammm

Kimono in Barca

A beautiful Japanese woman in kimono.

La Rambla

Magic Fontain


Park Guell 1

Park Guell 2

Rambla de Mar

Park Guell 3

Park Guell 4

Park Guell

63 responses to “We meet again Barcelona.

    • You are welcome Tom! Now reading Ernest Hemingway novels but someday you will visit Spain too! Thanks for stopping by our blog too..Yours looks great 🙂

    • Thank you Maconthefly! We are glad you like our barcelona post.Don’t think just buy the ticket, you won’t regret it hihih..If you do make sure to post it, we are curious about your adventure 😉

  1. Your posts make me hungry to travel. Barcelona’s rich history and colors are so inspiring to make clothes and put together eccentric new outfits.

    What was your favorite part of your trip?

    Your photography is beautiful and the food looks amazing

    Stay rad my lovelies


    • Thank you Kitty! Traveling is always nice. You get inspired from many things! Hmmm there are a few favorite parts: strolling around La rambla, the beautiful magic fountain in the evening. Even the moments in the restaurant eating traditional food and having conversations with the locals. Where do you get most of your inspiration? We love your outfits, very creative!!

      • That sounds amazing I will have to visit one day and see all these magical places you speak of. I love interesting food. what kind of things do you eat? I get most of my inspiration from things that are metaphorical and mean something to me or tell a story. A lot of time I find it in nature and architecture.

        I think the clothes you wear define who you are and what you have been through

        I am so happy to make new blogging friends!

        Can’t wait to see more of your posts ❤

        You two lovely's stay rad

        ~Kitty =^.^=

  2. did you get to swim in the sea? i was in barcelona about seven years ago…it was a beautiful city, with gorgeous views. the weather was perfect for the beach, but there were so many jellyfish we couldn’t get in the water!

    • Unfortunately we didn’t had the chance to go to the beach. We only saw it from the distance. Too bad there were many jellyfish in the water. Maybe next time. Thanks for the visit your blog looks nice! 🙂

  3. Lovely photos- I absolutely adore Barcelona! Went there earlier this year and still haven’t had a chance to get the photos and food adventures up on my blog!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! My husband and I plan to travel to Europe next year, with Spain at the top of our list! Did you stay in a hotel? If so, do you have any places you would recommend to stay? I’d love to know from someone who has been. Thanks.

    • Hi Kineticheart! Omgsh we are so sorry for our late reply! ( shame mode: on). Spain is a beautiful country to visit! In Barcelona we stayed in an apartment near La Rambla about 15 min walk. We were with 4 people so we wanted an apartment. The name of the apartment is “Barcelona Rooms” at the Comte d’Urgell . You have your own living room, kitchen etc and it was not really expensive. The location is perfect, lots of restaurants and a supermarket. But you if prefer a hotel, try to book near the famous street La Rambla. There is always something to do and see! Hopefully this information is useful. If there is any thing you would like to ask, feel free. This time we will reply soon hihi. 😀

    • Hi Mustardseedbudget! Sorry for our very late reply! We did put a photo of FC Barcelona stadion in our Barcelona post hihi. Just 1 and another in our other post of Barcelona 😀

    • Hii Carapizzorusso! Barcelona is such a great city, we always enjoy everything about this amazing place. And Paella ohhh so delicious hihi! Thanks for stopping by 😀

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