Christmas market in Oberhausen Germany

Christmas tree Foodcourt

Jingle bell Jingle bell.. all the way to Oberhausen.

Its December again..the last month of the year 2014!  We love this season, okay not the cold weather but the atmosphere around it. The Christmas decoration, cozy and warm at home with delicious hot drinks and snacks in your most comfortable cloths. It’s also a good time for visiting Christmas markets especially in Germany. Its cold outside but everyone is enjoying them self, eating Reibekuchen, Apfelpfannkuchen (pancake with apples), Schneeball, drinking hot chocolate. We don’t drink alcohol our self, but what German and Dutch people love to drink is Gluhwein (warm white/red wein with cinnamon). Strolling around at the many stalls where they sell everything from winter caps to dream catchers but mostly of course cute products for the winter days.


One of the Christmas market we love to go is in Oberhausen. Twice a year we visit Oberhausen which is situated in the Northrijn-Westfalen of Germany. In winter time you have this beautiful Christmas market next to a Mall : CentrO.  It’s the largest shopping mall in Europe with almost 220 shops. They also have a Coca Cola Oasis (food court) where you have all kind of food from Asian to Argentinian and Turkish food. Yes you have a lot to choose from, YUM.

Whenever you are in Germany you can spend a whole day in this mall. You will love it. Not only for the shopaholics out there but also for people who just wants a day out, relaxing, this is a great place to go.


CentrO Oberhausen
Centroallee 1000
D-46047 Oberhausen


Couple years ago we also went to the beautiful Christmas market in Köln/Germany. Which is also situated in the Northrijn-Westfalen. Here you can enjoy Christmas markets on 7 different squares. Five of them are in the city and two of them outside the city. The largest is at The Domsquare.


Weihnachtsmarkt am Kölner Dom
Am Dom

Tram: Dom / Hauptbahnhof Trams: U 5, 16, 18; S 6, 11, 12, 13

We made some pictures of the Christmas market and the mall in Oberhausen with the beautiful Christmas decoration.

Bakery CentrO

CentrO christmas tree

CentrO Decorations


Christmas market evening

Christmas market oberhausen

Christmas market snack

Christmas market strolling

Window shopping CentrO

70 responses to “Christmas market in Oberhausen Germany

  1. i came here long ago… though it’s the biggest shopping centre in europe, shopping malls in jakarta are still a lot bigger. but i still enjoy it anyway, especially it’s not that far from amsterdam.
    which part of NL do you live? i used to live in NL for 7 years, mostly amsterdam. but now i’m already back for good.
    thanks for visiting my site!

    • Yes in Indonesia the malls are A-mazing! We’ve been to a lot of malls in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya they are HUGE hihi..But we enjoy also the ones here in Europe not only for shopping but just to stroll :D. We live in the south of the Netherlands. But we have lived in A’dam too. Indonesia’y dimana?

  2. these pictures are gorgeous – looks like you had a great time. Hope you managed to get most of your christmas shopping done!

    • Thank you Kim! This time we didn’t do a lot of shopping, we mostly ate these delicious baking and food at the market haha. You have a wonderful blog!..XoXo

  3. I’d love to go to a Christmas market, mostly because those cakes look delicious! My friends are going to Germany for Christmas so I’ll tell them to check out your blog 🙂

    • Yes after long strolling around you get hungry. And eating these cakes are so yummie haha. That’s great hopefully this post will be useful for them! Thanks for stopping by 😉

  4. Wow thank you for sharing. I love hearing and seeing photos about my favorite holiday in other parts of the globe. Your pictures are great. I wish I could do some shopping in these neat markets!

    • You are welcome! Thanks for your nice comment. We agree, this time of year it has this great atmosphere. Do they have markets like this too in your country?

    • Ohw wow on a river cruise, that must have been a very nice and beautiful experience! Yes Christmas markets in Germany are so NICE 😀 . Thank you Beryl for stopping by. Are you in India right now? Enjoy your trip 🙂

  5. I’ve been both to Oberhausen and Köln. And it really is lovely!
    It’s also nice to go there outside the Christmas period for some shopping time 😉

  6. Great post! My ancestors are from Germany (I think). I’m a Reitinger. I enjoyed the photos and your description of the local feel and taste there. Guess I’ll have to come back more often. Danke.

    • Thank you Rjreitinger! We are glad you like our post. Yes you should come more often, visiting Germany. There are many beautiful cities and nature that Germany has to offer. 🙂

    • Hallo Allenrizzi! Wir sind noch nicht in Tirol gewesen, aber wir wollen gerne diese schöne Stadt besuchen. Kalt aber mit dicke kleidung geht es haha.

  7. Wow! Those are some great pictures. All the food looks delicious, and everybody looks like they’re right in the Holiday mood. Now that I’ve followed you back here to your page, I guess I’ll have to be coming back to see what else you will be getting up to. Have a great 2015, and I’ll see you then. 🙂

    • Hi dbp49, how are you? Thanks you so much for your lovely comment, we appreciate it :). Yes, if it comes to delicious food, Germany is great! Especially with Christmas holidays. You too have a great 2015! 😀

  8. These are some lovely pictures of a German Christmas market, with all the beautiful decorations and delicious treats! I must admit, it made me a little nostalgic. My twin sister and I visited Köln two years ago and fell in love with the Christmas markets. Thanks for this post–it brought up good memories!

    • Thank you Arianepeveto, nice to hear you like our post! Christmas markets are always great to visit, the lights, the food, hot drinks etc just Lovely! Nice you have a twin sister too 😀 Your blog looks fantastic, we will continue visiting your site 😉

    • Hi Felicia, yes come hihi! The Christmas market in Germany are really great, the atmosphere, the foodstands you will enjoy it 😀

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