Hallo Brussel :)

Manneke pis front

Historic yet so hip…the Capital of Belgium and the European Union(EU).

Brussel is the largest city of Belgium and has a population of 1.2 million. This city has been a major centre for international politics : The secretariat of the Benelux, hosting principal EU institutions and the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization( NATO) When it comes to politics this city became a home for a lot of politicians, diplomats and international organizations.  Historically Brussels is a Dutch-speaking city ( Just about 70/100 km from the Netherlands) but since the Belgian independence in 1830 it made a major shift to French (French in the south). But still all the advertisements, road signs, street names are shown in both languages.

Because Belgium and Germany are our neighbor countries, we sometimes make a day out or a city trip by car or train.

Sightseeings that we visited:

Grand Place

This is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. This square was built as a merchants market in the 13th century. These ornate baroque and gothic guild houses on this square are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Manneken Pis

First we thought, why is this so interesting.. it’s just a statue of a little boy peeing in a fountain haha. But it shows the irreverent Belgian humor. This statue is called “Petit Julien” and it is made by Hiëronymus Duquesnoy de Oude in the year 1619. It became a famous unique Brussels icon. And this little boy has more clothes than we all have, about 900 costumes. The wardrobe of Manneken Pis can be seen at the Brussels museum.

We’ve been to this city twice but there are some sightseeing we still have to explore like:

Mini Europa
Jubel park

Tip: Try Belgian French fries( buy friet at a frietkot haha), and of course Brussels waffle.  So delicious!

If you have any suggestions where to go in Brussel (or surroundings) that we didn’t put on the list let us know! Thank you 🙂 .

Manneke pis 1

Rue de brabant 1

Rue de brabant

Shop Jennyfer

Theatre Royal



Bakery in Brussel

Centrum 1

Centrum 2

Centrum 3

Centrum 4




Direction 1

Drug Opera




La Belgique Gourmande


59 responses to “Hallo Brussel :)

  1. Ah Brussels has a lot to offer. For Wafels and cookies go to Chez Dandoy. It is near Mannekenpis. And I love to go to Sablon/Zavel. In the corner there is the sophisticated chocolatier Pierre Marcolini.

    Le parc du cinquantenaire with its arch de triomphe is also worth a visit.

    • Hi Lorraine 🙂 Thank you for your advice, we appreciate it! We will put it on our list whenever we go back 🙂 As a chocoholic we definitely going to check Pierre Marcolini hihi..:D

  2. I’m glad you liked the capital 🙂 You should go see other cities like Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges. Belgium has a lot to offer, especially now in the winter: a lot of evening activities, e.g. Winterfeesten in Ghent!

    • Yes we really like this city! Indeed, Belgium has a lot of great cities. We’ve been to Antwerp, Liege and Hasselt before. But Ghent and Bruges is still on our list 😉 Winterfeesten in Ghent, klinkt leuk! Thanks for the advice 😀

    • Hii Lescreationsdenanni 🙂 Yes we heard a lot of great stories about Ghent. We are curious…Definitely going to visit this city soon. Thank you for letting us know 😀

    • Hi Bobo! You have a lot of information on your blog. Nice! Yes we like Brussel! But we have to visit more often, didn’t see all the sightseeing. Hopefully soon 😉

      • Yeah, there is quite some interesting sights, shops and places outside the city centre…you should surely come and figure out 😉

    • Hi Jen! Yes there are so many other places that we haven’t been yet in Brussel. And We heard so much about Bruges! Its near the Sea right. Thanks for letting us know, city Bruges is on our list now for the next time we go to Belgium. Thanks for your visit 🙂

  3. There’s a really cool bar called Delirium that you should check out! They’ve got every flavor of beer that you can imagine even cookie beer (I didn’t care too much for that one haha).
    Lovely pictures!

    • Hii Laurenpickens! We just googled it and this bar looks awesome! Too bad we don’t drink beer hihi..but some of our friends do. We might just visit this bar. Thanks for letting us know! 😀

    • Thanks Darwin for you advice! We appreciate it 🙂 That’s amazing more than 1000 different beers haha..we didn’t knew that. We don’t drink beer but there a lot people we know that will love this! 😀

  4. Thanks for the like of my Digital Books / Digital Museums. I like walking in Brussels on a day trip but prefer to stay in Antwerpen. None of the souvenirs can capture the joyful innocence on the face of the original Manneken Pis.

    • Hi C in b! You are welcome you have a great blog! Yes that’s true about Manneken Pis hihi..The original is always the best! 😀 Thanks for the visit.

    • Hi Setmeravelles! You definitely will like Belgium and yes don’t forget to try the fries! Oh yeah come visit the Netherlands too, its not far away from Belgium hihi. We have delicious cheese & stroopwafel 😀

      • I’m hoping for a day in Amsterdam, but I’ve already been to the Netherlands so if it doesn’t happen, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I have a Belgian friend, so I’m going to be subject to what he wants to show me 🙂 Mmmm…cheese!

  5. Love your post about Brussels! Curious to check out mine? 7 Things to do when visiting Brussels!

  6. Will be ordering some friets on Saturday! I’ll be in Brussels on the weekend, looking forward to it after this.

    • Yes Brussels is a lovely city with great food :). Thank you so much for your tip, Museum of Musical instruments will be interesting to visit one day..we will put it on our list. XoXo

    • Thank you Marc! Belgium is a nice country! We love to go back and explore other cities like Gent, Brugge etc. You have a great blog about Japan. We will continue visit your site 😀

  7. Now I want to go to Belgium! These pictures are great! I’m glad I found your blog! Hopefully you’ll enjoy my travel blog as well!

    • Yes, you should visit Belgium we are sure you will like it :). Thanks for your sweet comment. Your have a great blog as well, and lovely photos on instagram! Xoxo

    • Hii Shoma, thank you so much! You will visit Brussel someday soon and you will love it, we are sure of it 😀 Thank you for stopping by, great blog you have!

  8. I just came back from Brussels and thought that the city definitely had its unique ambiance. I found it especially interesting that after 7pm or so the locals were all gone! Make sure you eat before then! It was fun though, did anyone else experience this?

    • Hii Photo Wisniewski! Yes Brussel is a nice city! Oh really honestly didn’t noticed it hihih..We think we were already heading back home around that time :D! Hmm where did they all go hihi..Thank for stopping by our blog!

  9. Hi, I just came back from Belgium less than 4 days ago. During my trip, I met one girl who told me Brussels was probably one of the most boring European cities she had ever been. Well, I guess that’s her opinion and I would’t say she was wrong, cus I think travel is very intimate, no one can comment for you, feel for you, experience for you, or taste for you, only you yourself can decide how you like the place.
    I like Brussels, not because of its touristic parts, or famous landmarks, but the feelings I had and the people I went with make me like the city more. I didn’t tick all the “must visit” places, taking photos of tourist attractions, neither did I try some of the most popular foods like waffle or mussels, but I did have an amazing time. 🙂

    • Hii Rebecca! Boring? We personally think that no city is really boring, unless you grew up in a very big crowded town. Every city has something, whether it is a good restaurant, a park or even a little book store. And we agree about the fact that no one can feel/experience or taste for you, everybody has his/her own opinion. Sometimes its not the place that makes you feel WoW, but the atmosphere and the people who live there. The new people you meet, hearing their stories, learning about the culture etc. And YES, the most important thing that we also agree with you is the people you are with. You don’t have to see all of the attractions or eating the food which makes that country unique. But we do think, if you are going to another country, traveling that far, why not trying their traditional food. If family and friends from indonesia visit us here in the Netherlands, we love to show them the culture and also letting them try some food which makes the netherlands so special about, like eating cheese, haring or drop/stroopwafel etc. Going to Indonesia same thing. Making pictures, capturing great moments with family and friends. So in the future, if we are all old and we have a reunion we can bring some memories back looking at the pictures. As long as you have an amazing time with your love ones, nothing else matter 😉 Thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts with us!

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