Easy recipe Strawberry Panna Cotta

Strawberry panna cota

Panna cotta, or “cooked cream” in Italian. A perfect, quick and easy to make dessert for any time!

Last Saturday we wanted to make something easy and delicious but we didn’t know what. So on Friday evening we were reading through some cooking books (we have a bookcase full haha). So many recipes..what to choose..what to choose! After a while we thought yum this is a good one. Strawberry Panna Cotta and of course with a little twin twist into it.

Here is the recipe! Lets get started!


3 white sheets gelatin.
300 ml cream
40 gram sugar
1 bag vanilla sugar
200 gram Strawberries (frozen or fresh)
A few leaves of mint


– Place the gelatin in a bowl of cold water for about 5 min
– Heat the cream in a pan with the sugar and vanilla sugar.
– Remove the pan from the heat.
– Make sure to squeeze all the water from the gelatin and add it with the warm cream.  Stir well and let it cool off for about 10 min.
– Meanwhile mix the strawberries in a blender
– Add the strawberry juice with the cream
– Pour it in glasses and let it cool off again for a few minutes
– Put the pudding in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours
– Decorate it with a few leaves of mint or anything you want. Chocolate, cookies or whipped cream.

Tip:  Instead of strawberries you can use any other kinds of fruits like mango, banana, orange etc.

Enjoy! 😀



Sugar and cream

adding gelatin to the cream

Strawberry mix

Strawberry mix with cream

Panna cota

eating panna cota

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    • Hii Arizona Allycat! Thank you so much for your nice comment 😀 Yes just a few leaves of mint, simple but yet so beautiful hihi. You have a great blog!

    • Hi Anya 🙂 Haha yes naughty, but it will be a good one especially for Christmas! Hopefully it went good making this Panna Cotta and everybody enjoyed this recipe! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Hii Piggletino! We hope you and your scout had a lovely christmas and an awesome New Year! Hahaha…this is a very easy recipe, we believe they can make this too. Hope you guys like it 😉

    • Thank you so much for re-blogging this post Catanescu. We really appreciate it 🙂 You have a nice blog too!! Hope your followers will like this recipe hihi..:)

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  2. Thank you so much for visiting LifeBellissima.com and for the like! I hope you will come visit again soon! 🙂 Your recipes look lovely — excited to try your strawberry panna cotta recipe!

    • Hii Anna, you are welcome! Your blog looks lovely too, great post and recipes:) We will visit soon again. Hope you will like the strawberry panna cotta recipe 😀

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