Mooch State of Mind Collection

Wanderlust world

Lovely inspirational bracelets you need to have!

When we first saw these STATE OF MIND Collection from MOOCH we were in LOVE. We always wanted something like these but never found it.  They are so cute and inspiring, right!?  We all do need some push during the day whether you are in a difficult situation or having fun while on vacation.

There are 5 different inspiring words to choose from: Wanderlust, Breathe, Think less, Paddle out, Beach bum. Wearing these bracelets and knowing the meaning of these words will constantly remind you and getting you through the day. These bracelets are made of Australian coins, and you can choose it in silver or gold.

We are sure there is one (maybe more) for you! Pick a bracelet that suits your personality!

This collection is designed by Dani. She lives in the Netherlands too, but has her own atelier in Bali where she design and make most of her products.  We have to say she is an amazing, creative, sweet and inspiring person. She doesn’t only design bracelets but also bags, jewelry, clutches and other wonderful and cute things. We will soon post more about her other products!

Searching for a perfect gift for your friends and beloved ones. No need to search further. They are € 15,- each excl shipment cost. Would you like one of these too? For more information (order) just send us an email below. We will send this wonderful bracelet your way 😀

Bracelets Mooch

Breath and Wanderlust

wanderlust snow 1

Breath Snow

Wanderlust lonely planet


21 responses to “Mooch State of Mind Collection

  1. Hi there, thanks for liking my blog post!

    Wow, this jewelry is beautiful. My sister loves travelling, I’ll be sure to recommend your blog to her! And I’ll keep these bracelets in mind for her birthday coming up 🙂

    come say hi at

    • Hi Brittney, your welcome! Yes we know, these bracelets are beautiful huh hihi! Thanks for recommending our blog to her :D, really appreciate it. Okayz..let us know if you want to have one of these ;). Xoxo

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