Salmon en Croute

Done salmon 1

An elegant dish: Salmon stuffed Puff Pastry.

Sea food is so delicious plus they say that eating fish twice a week is good for your health! Fish are a lean, healthy source with high level of proteins and nutrients (B-12 and iron). The omega 3 fatty acids in fish has so much benefit for your health such as reducing the risk of heart disease,  lower blood pressure and to strengthen the immune system and so on and on.  Fatty fish such as Tuna, Salmon, Oysters, Sardines, herring and Mackerel are considered as the most healthy fish. And you can do so much with it. Salad with fish or making soup etc.

We saw so many fish recipes in one of the magazine and we love to get inspired and couldn’t wait to make/bake it our self. So a couple days ago we made a” Salmon en croute”.


Juice of lemon
Spices mix (we bought a small cup with a mix of garlic and fines herbes, Boursin cuisine)
White Pepper
Olive oil
Puff pastry
1 whisked egg


– Cut the salmon and parsley
– Drizzle some lemon juice on the salmon and sprinkle white pepper.
– Put the salmon on the puff pastry
– Add the spices mix, few drops of olive oil and parsley on top of the salmon.
– Brush the edges with egg and put another puff pastry on top.
– Press the pastry edges firmly all around
– For decorating you can do anything with the edges, using a fork to make marks etc. Or like us using this “crimping” technique.
– Put it in the oven for about 30 min till golden brown.

Hope you guys will like it!



Before After

Done salmon



55 responses to “Salmon en Croute

    • Hi Adam! Yes especially with tuna and salmon you have to prevent them from drying. The best thing you can do that with this recipe is using a lot of Sauce haha..or olive oil and cream.

  1. This dish looks so delicious and beautifully prepared.
    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~

    • Hi Danika, how are you? 🙂 Yes we made it by hand. With a lot of practice we finally got it hihi.. You really have a Great blog 😀

    • Hi Loujenhaxmyor, you are welcome! Salmon is so delicious, different than other fish. You can use it in any dishes, salad, main dishes or snacks 🙂

  2. Hey there, friends. Gorgeous dish! And I can only imagine the amazing things that can be stuffed inside the gorgeous pastry. Salmon is a staple around her. If you have an email list, add me (shannadotwardatutexasdotedu) 🙂
    And thank you for your sweet, supportive comments on Curls and Carrots. It’s a pleasure to visit your blog!

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