Ni hao ma Beijing?


Wonderful 北京 (Beijing) glad we finally met!

China a country which was on our bucketlist for so long. And a few weeks ago it finally became reality. Beijing also known as Peking, is the second largest Chinese city by urban population after Shanghai and is located in Nothern China.  As we all know Beijing is famous about a lot of sightseeing’s. This city has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites : Great Wall,  Summer Palace, The Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, Grand Canal and the Zhoukoudian.

But we really had to get use to the manners of Chinese people though. We have heard, read and saw it on television that its normal for Chinese people to slurp, belching and spitting on the ground.  Yes we saw it in real life now. First we were a little bit shocked, but after a while we get used to it haha.

It was our first time being in China and we were very excited. Beautiful landscape, delicious food and good atmosphere. The Chinese architecture is really beautiful it brings you back to the ancient china. It was our very first time we did a tour with a guide, normally we explore and do everything on our own. Because we think its more adventures :). But we thought lets do something different. And there was Joe..If you ever consider to go to Beijing, you should ask him, he really did a great job! He brings you to different sightseeing’s and tell you all about his beloved city, the history, entertainment, restaurants etc. His English is good and not to mention he has a good sense of humor. We really enjoyed it!

Take a look at his website :

Our must see attractions:

Great wall The famous Great Wall is built along an east to west line across the northern borders of China built during the Ming Dynasty ( 1368 – 1644). They built it to protect the Chinese states and empires especially against the nomads (Mongolia). The Great Wall has different sections: The Mutianyu, Badaling,Jiankou, Huanghuacheng, Simatai, Gubeikou and Jinshanling.  We went to Mutianyu.

Forbidden City It’s the world largest palace!

Summer Palace Want some rest from the big crowded city, this is the perfect place to be! Such a beautiful, peaceful and interesting place. Lovely set up area with chinese pagolas, lakes, gardens, walks, temple and palace.

Beijing Zoo See the cute Pandas!! And of course other lovely animals.

Wangfujing street (Chinese : 王府) A beautiful food and shopping street! We went there every day! Love it!

Tian’anmen Square Beijing


Below some photos we took on our Beijing trip

Wangfujing street

Streetfood 1

Souvenir shop 1


Wangfujing street 4

Wangfujing street 3

Wangfujing street 2

Wangfujing street 1

Streetfood 10

Streetfood 9

Streetfood 8

Streetfood 7

Streetfood 6

Streetfood 5

Streetfood 4

Streetfood 2

Great wall

Wall 3

Wall 2

Nature Great Wall

Wall 1

Summer Palace

Summer Palace 4

Summer Palace 2

Summer Palace 1

Summer Palace 7

Summer Palace 6

Summer Palace 5

Beijing Zoo

Panda 1

Panda 2

  Tian’anmen Square

Tianmen square

67 responses to “Ni hao ma Beijing?

  1. Great photos! Makes me excited to go to China too one day, especially when I think that my ancestors are from there 🙂 haha I can imagine it must be really weird to see burping and spitting people for the first time.

    It’s great you had an awesome guide! 🙂

    • Hi Monika! Thank you 🙂 You will sure like China too, and yes especially when your ancestors are from china that makes it more excited! It was a little bit weird at first hihi, because of course we’ve seen and heard people burping and spitting before but not on “purpose”. And there you see it almost anywhere and everytime hihi..but you get used to it 😀
      Let us know if you go there, and thanks for stopping by! xoxo

      • haha yes, I think I’d be totally disgusted – good that you got used to it, I hope I can adapt too! 😀 I will, one day, first there are other countries I wanna visit 🙂 have a great weekend! 🙂

    • Hi Christina, thank you! China is A-mazing 😀 Ok will let you know the next time we travel, we will save some space in our suitcase hihi 😀 Take care too! Xoxo

      • I can’t wait! That week be a dream come true! I have wanted to go ever since I was 4 ^.^

        It is so rad to meet you
        I can’t wait to rad more of your lovely posts.

        See you soon!

  2. Ha! Nice to know that some things never change! We lived in Chengdu, Sichuan about 20 years ago. It took me about year to overcome the culture shock and by the time I’d truly adjusted we returned to the U.S. Fun times. Oh, the stories I have. 🙂

    • Hii C Steen, yes and we think that this will never change hihi. It was really a culture shock at first haha.. Oh wow you have lived in Chengdu/Sichuan! It must be nice and adventurous to live there hihi..We haven’t visit this city yet, but it looks beautiful! Hopefully one day 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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  4. I wonder if you got to try 烧饼 shāobing while in Beijing? Those are the best kinds of 饼 in all of China for sure! Thanks for the post!

    • Hello Xiaoru, how are you? Your welcome! oh, unfortunatelly we didn’t try shāobing :(. It looks delicious though..will be one of the reasons why we should go back to Beijing some day hihi.

    • Thank you so much alittlebitoflaura for your sweet comment! Hope you will visit Beijing someday too 🙂 , you will love it. Xoxo

    • Hi Mytiturk! Yes Great wall is such a beautiful place to visit! We went to Mutianyu, the surroundings was breathtaking. Your welcome, you have a great blog as well ! 😀

      • My wife is from Trinidad and had never been in a chair lift. I recognized the Mutianu section in your photo. When we got high into the air she almost died of fright. It was the first time I heard her swear! She has the T-shirt and is so proud of it! Do they still use that rickety thing to take you up and drag you off when you arrive? It was part of the fun for me. I videoed two women getting off after us and they were from Canada, too.

  5. Thank you mneset! Glad you like our post. Wow, that will be such a amazing trip! Hope to visit Seoul one day too. Don’t forget to post, we would love to read your adventures :).

    • Thank you Cholosalazar! You will someday soon, and you will love it! You have a great blog, nice to meet another travel lover hihi 🙂 Enjoy travelling too!

  6. Lovely post! Div and I are both teaching in Korea. Div i sin Cambodia at the moment on holiday, and I was wondering where I should go next, I think I might check out China! Thanks 🙂

    • Thank you Div and Bean.. Wow that’s great in Korea! We’ve never been in Korea or Cambodia before but we would love to go there someday:) And you will definitely like China! Great blog you 2 have! 😀

  7. Definitely one of my top 3 cities to visit! If I could visit every year, I’d be the happiest guy on earth. Its always a huge source of inspiration! Thanks for letting me re-live some of my fondest travel memories!

    • Haha yes Alex, if that’s possible we would also be the happiest twins on earth hihi. What’s your top 3 cities to visit :)? And thank you so much for your sweet comment, we are glad you like this post! Warm regards, I&A

    • Hii Pascalleah! Oh really twins from Beijing, so great!! We are sure they are cute hihi..Thanks for the visit! You have a great blog 😀

  8. Thank you for visiting as it gave me an opportunity to visit your site. I love your blog on China – yes, the belching and spitting. But, such lovely people. So grateful I had the opportunity to visit this awesome country.

    • You are welcome Maljohn2, great blog you have! Yes the people are lovely, the culture is amazing and so much things to do and see! We are feeling blessed and grateful too to visit this beautiful country! Thanks for visiting our blog as well! 😀

  9. Travel and adventure can never be so good with a buddy always on your side. Much better if it’s your twin! 😀

    Nice photos you got there. BTW, (no offense) I’m wondering how’s the air quality in Beijing when you went there?

    • Hi Wanderlustwarjie! We totally agree! If you can share these beautiful moments with someone, its really something to cherish. And yes nothing better than your twin sis hihi. We always travel together with family or friends but its so great to have a twin by your side. We are glad you like the photos! Well honestly when we went to Beijing we were scared of the smog, which you can read and hear all the time. But we have to say that the air quality was surprisingly good. Of course there is still lots of pollution in some parts of Beijing but it was not that bad, well at least where we went luckily hihi 🙂 But our guide told us that they are slowly improving. Great blog you have and thanks for stopping by! 😀

      • Then I suppose it is true that twin sis/bros share the same interests… or maybe just in your case 😀

        Hope you can explore Philippines as well in your next trip (if you haven’t yet)!

  10. OMG! Behold the street food! ❤ ❤ ❤ love the food pictures! China is on my list of countries to visit as well. Awesome post girls!

    Would love to read more about you both and how you started out on these adventures.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Hi there Hemangine! Haha yes the street food is so…AMAZING. You can stay and walk there for hours and trying to taste all these food. That’s what traveling is all about, eating traditional food hihi. We are glad you like this post and we will try to post more about our food/travel adventure. Your blog is great as well! Have a good week ahead 😀

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