Scotland : Glasgow

Cathedral 1

Glasgow the biggest city in Scotland.

While staying in Edinburgh we also planned a day trip to Glasgow. We took the ScotRail to Glasgow, it’s a 55 minutes ride. Meanwhile you can enjoy the beautiful landscape. Glasgow is the biggest and busiest city in Scotland and it’s located on the banks of the River Clyde.

Unfortunately the weather was not on our side that day, rain and cloudy. We know we could expect this kind of weather around this time of year. But luckily we had our umbrellas with us so it didn’t stopped us for exploring this city!

Our attractions list :

Glasgow cathedral

An old cathedral. Incredible gothic architecture and it has this beautiful stained glass. It’s worth visiting, and the entree is free.

The Necropolis

The Necropolis is next to the Glasgow cathedral. While on holiday we don’t really expect to visit a graveyard. But as we walked around we came to this cemetery place.  Lots of big tombstones and it’s fascinating to read the gravestones too. You will learn a little bit more about the history of the people who have lived in Glasgow back in the days. From the top of the hill you have a great view of Glasgow.

Buchanan street

For the people who loves to shop, the main shopping street in Glasgow! So many stores here.

City Chambers

It’s located in the center. A really beautiful building. If you want you can take a tour which is free. Unfortunately we didn’t do that, because of the lack of time. But when you have the chance go for it!

Mitchell Library

We went here to see some modern art. When you go downstairs you have this lovely library with a cafeteria. Strolling around the city can be exhausted, so it’s a great place to sit here for a good rest while reading some travel books like we did hihi. ( well ok.. also waiting for the rain to stop)

George Square

A nice square in the center of Glasgow.

We know and we are sure there are many more places to see and do in Glasgow. Let us know if you have any recommendations!


Below some pictures we took that day.

Train station Edinburgh otw to Glasgow


City Center

Glasgow 1

Centrum Glasgow


Glasgow 2

Glasgow Cathedral


The Necropolis

Glasgow necropolis


Mitchell Library

entrance library

Library Glasgow

Guitar Shop in Glasgow

Guitar shop in Glasgow

Beautiful Graffiti 🙂

Graffiti in Glasgow 1

Graffiti in Glasgow

Train Station

Train station Glasgow 2

Train station Glasgow



101 responses to “Scotland : Glasgow

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  2. No trip to Scotland is complete without a trip to Princess Street. My girlfriends and I once got lost in Scotland. It was AWESOME!

    • Hello Micki Allen. Oh really..we didn’t go to Princess Street :(. It’s a bit outside the city center of Glasgow right? If we go back one day we will definitely visit this street 🙂 Thanks for letting us know ! And great you had a wonderful time there with your friends 😉

    • Hi Viriniafoodexchange! We didn’t know about Charles R Mackintosh work when we were there! Indeed, he has a lot of amazing work. Put it on our list if we go back to Glasgow. Thanks for your recommendation!

  3. Thanks very much for the tour. One branch of my family comes from Islay and they moved to Glasgow and then two brothers and a sister emigrated to Australia while another brother went to Canada. I hope to get over there oneday and retrace their steps xx Rowena

    • Hello Roweeee, how are you? Your welcome! Oh wow, family in Scotland, Australia and Canada, you are so lucky hihi. For sure one of the three most beautiful countries in the world! Scotland is definitely worth a visit..we are sure you will love it there 🙂 . Btw, thanks for stopping by our blog Xoxo

    • Thanks Frances, we really enjoyed our trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh as well. We love Scotland hihi. And yes we are glad we had our umbrellas haha. Xoxo

  4. Glasgow is lovely. If you have time get the bus up to Inverness and then go to The Isle Of Skye. This is one of the most magical places on the planet and even though it is winter now, it is still beautiful to see.

    • Hey Crotchety, how are you? Thank you so much for your recommendation, we just saw some pictures. And its just WOW! We will def put The isle of Skye on our list if we are going back to Scotland! 🙂

  5. I was in Edinburgh but hope to get to Glasgow one day, Of course we in Nova Scotia (New Scotland) have an interest in our cousins overseas.

  6. I love this post! I am so glad you loved both Scottish cities. This hit my heart 🙂 I love both cities, and they mean a lot to me too! Keep up the great work – hope your day is going well xx

    • Hello Lauren, how are you? Thank you so much for your sweet comment! We really appreciate it! We love Scotland too, and these two cities are just amazingly beautiful. You have a nice blog too! Happy to connect :). Have a great day as well! Xoxo

    • Hello Micahlynne! One day you will go to Glasgow too, and we are sure you will def love this city :). Edinburgh in one word : Wow! hihi. Xoxo

  7. Looks like an interesting place to wander around for a while. I don’t know, I might be disappointed if I went to Scotland or Ireland and it didn’t rain at least some of the time. It’s expected.

    • Hi BunKaryudo! Yes Glasgow is a beautiful city to walk around. Hahah we agree, visiting one of these countries such as Scotland or Ireland you expect rain. So its no surprise when it is actually raining 😀 Well hopefully not all the time haha, but once in a while. Thank you for stopping by!

  8. Hi, glad you liked Glasgow! We were there for the Commonwealth Games in 2014, and the atmosphere was fantastic, people from all over the world together.
    A great place to go is the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, which promotes understanding between people of different faiths and of none. Currently with an exhibition about angels!
    Thanks for helping people get a glimpse of our wonderful world!

    • Hello Julie, yes we love Glasgow. Lovely city it is! Events where people from all over the world come together is always nice & fun! We will keep that in mind,St Mungo Museum of Religious life and Art. Must be very interesting. Thank you for sharing the link Julie. And your welcome, people must know how beautiful the cities Glasgow and Edinburgh are hihi. Thanks Julie for stopping by our blog 🙂

    • Hi Drdblogs! Ah we google Kelvingrove Museum, too bad we didn’t go there! It looks really great, thank you for the advice! Next time we def visit it 😀

  9. What a nice little travelogue! I wish I had seen it before heading out to Glasgow, but I had to work most of the time I was there anyway. You’ve inspired me to post my (not as nice as yours) pictures. Keep it up! And I agree, Edinburgh is a MUST.

    • Hi Kimberly! Thank you for the nice comment, we are happy you like our pictures/blog. Hihi we are just amateurs in making pictures, but thank you! Yours looks really great too!! Ah but maybe the next time you visit Glasgow you can do some sightseeing. We are sure you will like it, and yes Edinburgh is a beautiful city 😀 Thanks for stopping by and we will def visit you blog often too!

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  11. Nice post about my home city! One wee hint – that’s not the Mitchell Library, that’s the library at GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art) so you still have the pleasure of the Mitchell to come. It’s even better!

    • Hii Anabel Marsh! Oh no our mistake! (blush blush). Thank you so much for correcting us hihi. Yes we went to the library at GoMa. Well when we go back to the beautiful Glasgow we will definitely visit the Mitchell Library, it looks great! 😀 Once again thank you! Great blog you have. 🙂

    • Hi Susan! You are welcome, we are glad to share this Glasgow post. Glasgow is a great city to visit as well as Edinburgh! Hopefully this post is useful to you 😀 Thanks for stopping by our blog 😀

    • Hi Karen! You are from Scotland! Ah we really do love Scotland, such a beautiful landscape and the people are so friendly! We def wanna go back someday 😀 Thanks for the visit!

  12. I loved your blog! Glasgow is beautiful, I remember admiring the beautiful graffiti with the squirrels just last year! Thank you for sharing! And thanks for checking and liking my blog post too 🙂

    • Ah thank you Tatikprice! We are glad you like our blog. Yes Glasgow is a beautiful city! The graffiti is amazing, we also thouhgt wow when we first saw it. You have a great blog as well, nice posts to read! 😀

  13. Hi Cewinta! Nice post. I can see that Glasgow is really beautiful. By the way. At your homepage, I saw you ‘work for travel’. What is it that you do?

    • Hi Rendisolo! Thank you we are glad you like our Glasgow post! With ‘work for travel’ we actually mean that we both work, saving money (well at least trying as much as we can hihi) and then travel. If there is any work that we could combine these two, traveling and work that would be fantastic haha 😀 Great blog you have and thanks for the visit.

  14. Greetings, and thank you for starting to follow my Scottish Heart blog; I hope that you continue to enjoy it. You have some very fun stuff on your blog…the recipes look wonderful!! It’s nice that you enjoyed Scotland, it’s such a welcoming country!

    • Hi Kate Cowie Riley! Thank you we are happy you like our blog and recipes! You really have a great blog too, nice to read your post. We love Scotland, beautiful landscape and the are people so friendly! Def want to go back someday 😀 Thank you for the visit!

  15. Jealous, jealous, jealous! What a wonderful trip for you! It’s on my bucket list…from the day I got married I said we’d spend our 25th wedding anniversary in Scotland…yikes, that’s 2 years away now. I better get saving! Looks like you had a great time.

    • Hii Barbaraarenburg! Hihi don’t be, you are almost going to Scotland too! Spending your 25th wedding anniversary is a perfect place to celebrate it. We are sure you will LOVE it. Unfortunately we didn’t go to the countryside, which is beautiful! Make sure to go there. We can’t wait to read your adventure! Thank you so much for visiting our blog, yours looks GREAT! 😀

  16. I loved seeing these photos! My great grandparents lived and were married in Scotland before coming to Nova Scotia and eventually being sponsored by family to move to L.A. Scotland is on my bucket list. I’d love to walk the streets that they walked on 🙂

    • Hi Bedlamanddaisies! We are glad you like the photos! You will love Scotland, especially when your great grandparents are from Scotland that makes it even more special! The landscape, the people is just amazing! Ah so you live in LA right now. That’s on our bucket list hihi. Hopefully someday soon 😀 Thanks for stopping by our blog..and great blog you have too!

    • Hi Becky, thank you! And your welcome, it’s always fun to share some info and our experiences where we have been to. Glad you like the photos. ☺

  17. My Grandmother was born in Glasgow but the family originally came from the Perth area just above Edinburgh. I visited Edinburgh Castle but yet to see Glasgow.

    • Hi Zankaj! Ah so your roots are from Scotland! You are going to love Glasgow! Mmmh too bad we didn’t visit Perth, we saw some pictures. Looks like a great city! Thank you for the visit, and great blog you have as well! 😀

  18. Yeh! I love living in Glasgow. It’s the best place I’ve lived. I’m glad you went to the necropolis because it’s hard to explain to people that this huge grave yard is stunning, it’s better for people to just experience it.

    • Hi Smeeeff! Ah lucky you, cause Glasgow is an amazing city! We are glad too that we visited the Necropolis. And we agree, its hard to explain to people how stunning it is! Of course its not the first thing in mind when you are travelling, to visit a grave yard hihi. But its just a must visit whenever you go to Glasgow 😀 Thanks for stopping by our blog!

  19. If you do return to Glasgow in the future, be sure to visit a great new Caribbean Café Bar called Sugar Dumplings in Princes Square- check it out at – It was opened by my nephew last year and gets great reviews!
    Thanks for liking my Sweet Potato Moussaka recipe and I love your photo’s and recipes too! x

    • Hi Wendy! Ah thank you for the advice! The next time we would love to visit the Sugar Dumplings! Now we are curious too after seeing the website haha. Your Sweet Potato looks so Yumm!! We are going to make the recipe soon, thanks for sharing! Your blog looks great too! Thank you for stopping by 😀

      • Thanks for the lovely comments about my blog – I really appreciate it! I’m sure you’d enjoy Sugar Dumplings if you get chance to visit and I hope you enjoy the Sweet Potato moussaka – let me know how it turns out when you make it.. I look forward to stopping by your site again very soon. xx

    • Hey Gene-ious Travel! So nice you are going to Edinburgh, such a great place to visit. We had a great time there, for sure you will love it too! Actually Glasgow is also worth a visit, but hey you are in Scotland..everywhere you go its always beautiful hihi. ENJOY! 😀

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