Quesadilla, a delicious Mexican snack! 

A while ago we went to a Mexican take-away, and we ordered this Quesadilla! And ooh yes, we felt in love and we sure have a new favorite snack!  From that moment on, we often make this tasty snack at home! Quesadilla has its roots in the Mexican cuisine, and is typically made using cheese and chicken. However, you do not have to use the traditional ingredients; you can experiment with different ones. Using any kind of vegetables like parsley, tomatoes, paprika, mushrooms just anything you prefer. As you all already know ,we always love recipes which is easy to make but so delicious to eat. And of course we would love to share it with you guys!

So here the recipe, enjoy!


10 flour tortillas
Olive oil


Chicken breast
2 unions (chopped)
1 garlic (chopped)
1 Tomato (chopped)
Parsley (chopped)
Shredded Mozzarella cheese
Shredded Cheddar cheese
Any kind of sauce ( barbecue sauce etc)
Pinch of White pepper
Pinch of Salt


Prepare the filling:

  1. Heat the oil in a large saucepan over medium heat.
  2. Stir in the garlic,unions, chicken breast, till golden brown.
  3. Add some sauce, and if needed some white pepper & salt.

Tortilla & filling

4. Lay one tortilla in the skillet and sprinkle all over with some Mozzarella cheese.
5. Add the chicken filling, some chopped tomato & parsley.
6. Once again sprinkle some cheddar cheese, and put another tortilla on top of it.
7. Once the cheese starts to melt, start to check the underside. If you see golden-brown spots on the underside of the tortilla, turn it.
When the cheese has completely melted and  the other side is golden brown as well, the quesadilla is ready!
8. Put it in the oven to keep it warm, and start with the next quesadilla.
9. If you are done, transfer to a cutting board and slice into wedges.

Buen provecho! 😀




Quesalidas almost done

Lets eat





107 responses to “Quesadilla

    • Thank you so much Yum Yes Please! Your sister is going to love it then hihi! Ofcourse you can use her favorite ingredients for this recipe instead of what we use. Have fun cooking 😀

    • Hi Suvi! Aah too bad he doesn’t like Quesadilla. Well more for you to enjoy eating then, when you are making these hihi. Thanks for stopping by our blog 😀

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    • Hi To Arizona..and beyond! Oeh that sounds delicious too, great combinations with the ingredients. We going to give it a try. Love to experiment. Thank you for the advice 😀

    • Yea it is a bit like a pizza hihi, with a very thin crust. Ah well have fun making these quesadilla tonight, sure its going to be delicious! 😀

    • Hello Chaliestar! We are glad you like this recipe, and you want to give it a try :D. Yes, of course you can re-blog this post, no problem :D. Let us know how it went! Have a nice week 🙂

    • Hi Delia Pitu! Hihi you will love Quesadilla for sure 🙂 Its really easy to make but delicious, and you just need a few ingredients to make it. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thank you Annamia! That’s what we love too, you can add anything you like! Or experiment with it, with different combinations of ingredients. And YES melted cheese is so delicious Yum! Thank you for stopping by our blog 😀

    • Hi Lesha Janay! We are sure you will love it! You can use your favorite ingredients to make these Quesadilla, enjoy making it 😀 Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hi Blondieaka! Yes we love anything that is easy to make but delicious to eat hihi. Enjoy making these Quesadilla, we are you it will taste Yumm! Let us know how it went 🙂 Thank you so much for re-blogging we are glad you like it. You too have a lovely day! XoX0

  2. Reblogged this on Retired? No one told me! and commented:
    MMMMMM Chanced up on this blog and this Quesadilla recipe…so know the minds whirring and I’m thinking of other fillings BUT also thinking this is quick and great for a snack if you have peoples over for sundowners and I know I’ll ger nanny points from the grand kids…yehhhh all good then….. Enjoy!

  3. Quesadillas are one of my favourite go-to snacks/meals. I love your flavour combinations here. I make my own tortillas because I have to use corn flour for my husband. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi LydiaA1614! Thank you! Yes, Quesadillas are a perfect go-to snack. Its just delicious and easy to make hihi! Oh making your own tortillas using corn flour, we would love to try making our own tortillas too someday. Thank you for stopping by our blog 😀

    • Your welcome mylittlefarmintown! Yes, you can make a delicious dish with this! Adding some rice & fried beans will def be a perfect meal! Will do that next time hihi 😀

    • Hi Holiday Season! Thank you so much. Few ingredients we used for the Quesadilla is the same for Salsa sauce, but its not quite the same hihi. Lovely posts you have about Italy 🙂

    • Thank you Summer! We agree, quesadillas are so delicious! Perfect for any time of the day hihi. Thank you for stopping by our blog 😀

  4. I love Quesadillas but they’re hard to get in Paris. Maybe now I can try making my own! Thanks for the recipe !

    • Hello stephcvet! Your welcome! Yes, just make them yourself, its really easy to make :). Thanks for stopping by our blog. Btw, you live in Paris? Lucky you hihi! Xoxo

    • Hi ThisLifeIsForReal! Yes the first time is always a little bit difficult. Once you get the hang of it its pretty easy! We hope you will like this recipe. Thanks for visiting our blog 😀

    • Hey Justeatit2016! Yes Quesadilla is so delicious. Enjoy making these and hopefully you will like this recipe! Thank you for stopping by 😀

  5. In Mexico you can also find squash flowers, mushrooms, potato with chile poblano (capsicum annuum chili) quesadillas, which are my favorites, but there are almost innumerable ingredients. What also gives a great flavor to all is the salsa you put on (also innumerable preparations: green, red, mexican, etc). The one in your photo looks delicious. Have a great week!

    • Hi Marianne! Wow so much ingredients to choose from, and all of them sounds so delicious! Wishing we could go to Mexico right now haha. Causs we would love to try all those quesadillas with the delicious salsa on it YUM. And of course the mexican atmosphere hihi. Thank you for stopping by our blog! You too have a great week 😀 XoXo

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