Trip to Iceland

View from the church 1

Iceland, land of fire and ice!

When talking about Iceland people automatically ask, hmm why Iceland? Okay we have to admit that we prefer choosing more sunny over cold destinations ourselves. However some friends who did go, had nothing but good experiences and reactions about Iceland. They told us that you can’t describe Iceland with any other countries, it just feels like you are on another planet. It really made us even more excited about our trip. So why not, and of course we love to explore new countries!

And Iceland didn’t let us down! They were right, it felt like we landed on planet Mars when we first arrived! So weird to see, trust us you never seen anything like it. Iceland has everything whether you are a city person or a nature person. This country has it all. Iceland have some of the world’s most active volcanoes, glaciers and geysers. It just feels so good to be in the nature. The water from the rivers are so clean that you can drink it. Even cold water from the tap is completely safe! Icelandic tap water is considered as the purest in the world. Only the warm water has this sulfur kinda smell , so don’t be surprised when you take a shower hihi.

This beautiful Nordic island country is located between the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. It’s the second largest island in Europe after Great Britain. Iceland is actually one of the youngest landmass of this planet, formed about 25 million years ago.

If you only have a few days to spend and you want to see the most of this amazing island attractions we can really recommend you to book some excursions with the Reykjavik excursions. You can choose from many excursions they offer. They pick you up with the bus from your accommodation,  doing the amazing tour and then bringing you back to your hotel. Great service!

Or if you have more time, just rent a car. You can stop whenever and where ever  you want and capture pictures of the breathtaking landscape. For the next time, we will definitely do this! Cause we still want to explore the south of Iceland someday.

Here is our where to go list:

Blue Lagoon

This famous spa is one of the most visited attraction in Iceland. Located in a lava field in Grindavik on the Reykjanes Peninsula. The warm water is rich in minerals like sulfur and silica which is good for your skin and has a temperature averages from 37 – 39 degrees. You just wanna get into the warm water, because it so cold outside only wearing your swimsuit. Once you are in you don’t want to get out anymore. Here you even have even a lagoon bar, where you can order a drink without leaving the water. Just a perfect place to disconnect from the world and enjoy!  After swimming you can eat and drink in the cafe enjoying the Icelandic food and our favorite here was the chocolate brownies & skyr smoothie.

Note : Pre-booking is required

We did a popular day excursion for tourist : A golden Circle day tour

Thingvellir national park

Thingvellir also known as Þingvellir is a national park in South Iceland and a UNESCO World Heritage site. This park has a beautiful and rugged landscape! The Þingvellir area is situated on the tectonic plate boundaries of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

“Golden” Gullfoss waterfall

One of the famous tourist attraction located in the canyon of Hvitá in Southwest Iceland. This waterfall is truly beautiful, you can take a nice walk along the perimeter of the falls. Gorgeous views!


Strokkur, a Geyser located in southwestern Iceland. The geyser erupts approximately every six minutes. Beautiful setting and plenty of facilities nearby!

Downtown Reykjavik


One of the oldest and famous shopping street in downtown Reykjavik. Here you can find some boutiques, arts, crafts galleries, designer labels, souvenirs shops and restaurants as well.

We went to a lovely and cute souvenir shop Ogtho. While looking for some souvenirs, we heard a song which we thought..mmm not bad at all. We asked the shop owners what the name of the song is called and they showed us the album. An Icelandic band called Asgeir Trausti, there were two songs in particular that we like and that is Að Grafa Sig í Fönn & Samhljomur..its kinda slow, but relax. It reminds us a bit of an indonesian band : Noah


A chic shopping street, leading from Laugavegur to the Hallgrímskirkja church.

Hallgrímskirkja church

A great place to see Reykjavik. Go to the top of the tower via the elevator and you will have great views of the city!

Below some photo’s we took during our trip 🙂



At Geysir shop lovely outfits

Geysir 5

Geysir 4 Strokkur 1

Geysir 3 Strokkur




Gulfoss 1


Gulfoss 2



pingvellir 1

pingvellir 2

pingvellir 3

pingvellir 4

pingvellir 5

The beautiful nature while driving

Nature OTW

Nature OTW 9

Planet Mars

Nature OTW 5

Nature OTW 4

Nature OTW 2

Nature OTW 6

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon 5

Blue Lagoon 4

Blue Lagoon 1

Blue Lagoon

Down Town Reykjavik

Downtown 8

Downtown 14

Downtown 13

Downtown 12

Downtown 10 Lemon juice

Downtown 7 church 4

Downtown 4 church 1

Downtown 3 church

Downtown 2



Fridheimar 1

Fridheimar 2


Icelandic food and drinks

Icelandic food

Skyr Iceland yum

View from the Hallgrímskirkja

View from the church 3

View from the church

187 responses to “Trip to Iceland

    • Hi The Analyzed Life! Thank you :). Yes, you should visit this beautiful Iceland, for sure you will not regret it. Just checked some vids of Sigur Ros on YouTube, nice. We like the slow instrumental they playing in the song Njosnavelin :). Thanks for letting us know about Sigur Ros.

  1. I’ve been to Iceland as well! I loved every minute of it. I hope to go back one day! Love the photos – they bring back such good memories for me 💕

    • Hello Beanie, thank you! We are glad you like the photos and it brought some memories back :). Yes, definitely a great experience to visit Iceland. We loved it too! The nature there is just incredible, no words for it. Btw, thanks for visiting our blog :). Have a nice day.

    • Haha your welcome laughingmoondesigns! We are glad we were able to take you on vacation even if its just for a few minutes ( especially at work lol). Have a nice day 🙂

    • Thank you so much danniijane! Iceland is a must visit, you will love it..everywhere you go its just magical! Thanks for the visit Xoxo

  2. No wonder you called it a land of fire and ice! I was wondering until I saw the sign of 80-100 deg Cel. Awesome shots and makes me want to plan a trip there.

    • Hey Rustic Recluse! Yes you see it almost everywhere in Iceland the contrast between warm and cold. Fire is actually more for the volcano, but the warm water at the Geysir is pretty hot as well haha. Glad you like our photos :). Iceland is worth a visit, you will def love it Rustic Recluse 🙂

    • Definitely an adventure if you visit this amazing Iceland Dynamic Bohemian! For sure you will satisfied your wanderlust here hihi.

    • Thank you Jess Carey for your sweet comment, we really appreciate it! Glad our pictures made you more excited to go! We are sure you will be amazed if you are there, do let us know if you have been there. Don’t forget to post about it.

    • Hello somdattadeb! Your welcome, and thank you for your lovely comment! Appreciate it 🙂 Yes, Iceland belongs on the bucket list, cause wow its beautiful there. You will love it Xoxo

    • Your welcome Suziegoesvegan! And thanks for the comment..glad you like our post and pictures! Someday you will visit Iceland as well, and you will enjoy it 🙂

    • Hello Debbie, how are you? Yes its been a while we traveled and post something on our blog “shame shame hihi”. So sorry! But yes we got restless feet again, so Iceland it was hihi. Glad you like our post Debbie. Btw, we saw you have been to Vancouver Island, beautiful nature as well! Lovely pictures on your blog!

    • Hello Strictly Lighthearted, your welcome! Yes we saw your post haha, glad we made your “where to go” decision a bit easier! And really, you will not regret this travel destination, sure you will love it! Don’t forget to post about it 🙂

  3. Really nice gallery! Since I live in Iceland, I’d totally recomemnd you renting a car and taking a tent and just explore the wilderness, Iceland is much more than the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon 🙂 you’re gonna love it in the South, it’s my favorite part! 🙂

    • Thank you Lusessita! We are glad you like the gallery. Ah lucky you, living in Iceland! Surrounded with the amazing landscape! Thank you for the advice, we would love to explore the south part of Iceland. Yes by car will be better, cause than you can stop anywhere and spend more time to enjoy the view. We can’t wait to go back! Thank you for stopping by our blog 😀

      • Feel free to contact me for some advice 🙂 you can check also my blog to get the glipse of what Southern Iceland look like, I’m having quite a lot of trips there 🙂 best wishes!

  4. Great Pictures Cewinta, I thoroughly enjoyed them and personally brought back a few memories during a visit to Iceland two years ago. I visited Iceland to record the sound of a geyser and also visit the Sigur Rós Recording studio which was Cool. Thanks for sharing your pictures online – Iceland is a magical wee place 🙂

    • Hi Aos! Thank you we are glad you like the pictures! Wow that sound interesting, recording the sound of a geyser! The Geysers in Iceland is really amazing and beautiful to see. We are sure visiting the Sigur Ros recording studio was cool to visit. Maybe for the next time we want to go there too 😀 We agree Iceland is truly a magical place! Thank you for visiting our blog!

  5. Hi
    Well I am from Iceland myself so I love this. Go to my page and you see some Icelandic recipes. I can recommend a trip to Iceland, perfect time of the year is August.
    Anyone interested to know about the Iceland , welcome to send a note and I try to answer if I can !
    have a great day

    • Hi Oli! Ah you really live in a beautiful country. And those recipes looks so delicious! We love trying out traditional recipes. August, ok for the next time we will go around that time of year. Thank you for the advice! We are sure there are people want to have some information about Iceland. It’s better to ask a local person like you! Have a great evening! 😀

    • Hello Christine! You should really visit Iceland, especially if you have a friend who lives there. A local that can show you around and for sure they know the must-see (secret) places hihi.. that we as a tourist don’t know about :D. Glad our pictures made you excited to go. Enjoy and don’t forget to post some pictures if you go hihi. Xoxo

    • Hi Pnwauthor! Yes doesn’t it!? Its just so amazing. A little planet mars on planet earth haha. But beautiful to see 😀 Thank you for stopping by our blog! XoX0

  6. Hi Cewinta,
    Thank you for dropping by I read your blog on Iceland which is very timely because I’ve been planning to visit it for the longest time. Awesome photos! Inspiring article on Iceland!

    • Hi Jitkatupa! You are welcome, great blog you have! We are glad you like our pictures and post, and what a coincidence that we are on time before you go hihi. Hopefully this post will be useful to you! Don’t forget to post about your Iceland trip, we would love to read your adventure. Thanks for stopping by our blog as well 😀

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    • We are so glad you like our post and that the info we shared is useful for your trip to Iceland :). You will love it there Fortyandeverythingafter. Thanks for stopping by our blog Xoxo

    • Hi Nina! We are sure you will love it. Hopefully our post will be useful to you for your trip next year to Iceland! Thank you for dropping by our blog:D

    • Your welcome Rakiacj! Glad you like our blog, and happy that our Iceland post brings back good memories :D. We love your blog as well, your are traveler too. Seems fun working in Hospitality 😀 . Have a great day!

    • Hi Greta! It really is a beautiful country! We are sure you will love Iceland, no doubt 😀 Thank you we are glad you like the pictures! You too have a great Sunday! XoXo

  8. Cool! My girlfriend’s Icelandic and she had failed to inform me of the floating bar at the blue lagoon! Thanks for the heads up! I’m hoping to go next month

    • Hi Snapwithdale! Really haha, think she forgot to mention it. Or she wanted to suprise you till you see it yourself 😀 But yes you can order drinks without leaving the water! Ah you going next month! Have fun, we are sure you going to enjoy! Thanks for stopping by 😀

  9. Wow! I loved your pictures! I cannot wait to go! I was just planning a trip to Iceland possibly this summer! Looks like you guys had a blast!

    • Hi cookingwithdesiblog! Thank you we are glad you like our pictures! We did had a blast, such a beautiful country! We are sure you are going to love Iceland too. And summer is the perfect time to go. Don’t forget to post about your trip, we would love to read! Thanks for dropping by our blog 😀

    • Hello Schonliving, your welcome! And thx for the sweet comment, we are glad you like our posts and photos! We will def keep on blogging hihi 🙂

    • Hi Riana.Autumn! Thank you so much for the comment, glad you like our post! Pretty sure you enjoyed your time in Iceland as well. And YES, we also would love to go back one day. Still lots to explore hihi 😀

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