Happy New year 2017 everyone!


There is always something to be thankful for 🙂

First of all, we would like to wish each and every one of you A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! We hope this new year will bring you health, happiness, love and success in everything you are going to do. Lots of baking/cooking and of course travel opportunities to explore the world together with your family and friends. 

Secondly, we apologise for not posting since our ’apple pie bread’ post. Last few months were quite busy and in the meantime lots has happened. Even though we had a ‘break’ here on our blog, we still get likes for our posts, followers and sweet comments from all over the world, like almost every single day. Thank you for that! Just knowing that people still read and visit our blog makes us very happy and grateful! We’ve got the best followers!

So how are you guys doing? What are your new year’s resolutions? Do you have any travel plans for this year?

We don’t really make new year’s resolutions. We’re just going to try to be more relax, enjoy ourselves and try to make the best memories with our family and friends. Well, there is maybe one new year’s resolution; people who do know us, know that we can be very last minute haha. So that’s what we are going to try, not making last minute decisions and answer more quickly wether it is here on our blog, email, phonecalls/ WhatsApp etc . Let’s see how long that will last 😉

We are going to start this year 2017 with a trip back to our ancestors’ country, Indonesia! This time Lombok is on our visit-list too, so any advice/information/recommendation is welcome.

We are so excited because it’s been way to long, almost 5 years already. We will post some pictures at our instagram account if you want to see our adventures. And of course we are going to post about our experiences here on our blog when we are back from our trip.

Once again, thank you so much for all the lovely comments that we have received in the past few months. We are happy to hear that we have inspired you with our stories, but know that we also get inspired with all of your stories as well. Thank you for that and keep posting your adventures, we love to read them. Inspire and get inspired right! 

With love,

from us 







15 responses to “Happy New year 2017 everyone!

    • Hi Sanwila, thank you for visiting our post! Hope you had a great NYE!
      Yes, we will post about our trip as soon as we get back from indo :). Btw, you have a great blog, beautiful photos.. keep posting 🙂 !

    • Thank you Polgocit! And your welcome..we always enjoy reading your travel post! You have already seen so many places! Bit jealous here hihi. Keep posting your adventures 🙂

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