World wide products

We have this (webshop) page below quite a while now. Our plan was to sell some merchandise, unfortunately we weren’t able to find the time for it. So sorry guys!
But we are still planning to do this!! Hopefully soon 😉



21 responses to “World wide products

  1. Hi Cewinta! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am new to the blogging world but it’s a great place to connect and read about others. I will keep checking back! Thanks again 😀

    • Hi MommaMorgan, we love reading your post! Welcome to the bloggers world, we started with blogging a half year ago and we can say its fun to share our interest with the world. And we are getting inspired by other lovely bloggers! Thanks for visiting our blog as well 🙂

  2. Hi.. Thanks for visiting my blog… I don’t know what looks better on yours, the blue layer cake, flower chocolate bread or the marble twin cake! … All so good! I’ll be checking back to see what’s cooking! Lovely!

  3. Hi! I’m half-Dutch, my dad came at age 6 to the States and now I’m in Mexico. Always wanted to visit The Netherlands. Someday…

    • Hi Blissinger! oh nice to hear you are half dutch. You should visit the Netherlands someday, we are sure you will love it. Oh you are in Mexico? A country that we would like to visit haha.

  4. Your blog is amazing! And the photos are beautiful! Thanks for dropping by my one-day old blog. I’m sending greetings of Happy Holidays from the Philippines 🙂

    • Thank you Indayinmanila, we are glad you like our blog! You really have a great blog as well! We would love to go to Philippines one day. Hope you had a great holiday and we wish you a Happy New year from the Netherlands! 😀

    • Hi, how are you? And your welcome Lorac :). We try to travel whenever we are able too hihi. It depends on, what the best season will be to travel and of course the price/budget hihi. You? Have a nice weekend Xoxo

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