Fried ice cream!

Twins Fried ice cream

Delicious ice dessert with a hot crunchy crust.

We remember last year around this time after we finished dinner, our lovely sister in law said:  Lets make some fried ice cream! We were like ” WHAT”?   We went to the kitchen and she showed us how. We were amazed how quick and easy it was to make. Never thought you could actually combine hot and cold. And its so sooo yummie!  From then we make it very often, we are crazy about it.  And we thought you guys may like it too. You can use any flavor of ice cream and all kinds of toppings like chocolate sauce etc.


-Ice cream (any flavor)
-Sliced white bread
– beaten egg
– bread crumbs
-oil for frying


1.        Prepare the ice and make scoops
2/3.  Wrap the scoop in plastic foil, and put it in the freezer
4.        Flatten the sliced bread with a rolling pin
5.        Take the scoops out of the freezer,  unwrap the plastic foil and form the bread around the ice cream like a snowball using your hand
6.        Wrap it again in plastic foil and put it back in the freezer for 20 min.
7.        Before you take the balls out of the freezer heat the oil in a pan, make sure its hot! Unwrap the plastic foil and dip the balls in the beaten egg and bread crumbs
8/9.   Fry the balls, turn occasionally until golden brown on all sides.( very fast,  just about 50 sec).
10.    Remove from oil and drain on paper towels. You can add any garnish you want, but make sure to serve immediately!

Below you can see how we make this step by step.

Fried ice cream

Enjoy this delicious dessert!Twins fried ice cream deco

210 responses to “Fried ice cream!

    • Hii A note from the Frontal Lobe! Yes, when we first heard about this..we were in that “WHAT” stage too haha. You have to try it, then you will come in the “Yum” stage 😉

  1. This sounds great! Have you heard of Baked Alaska? It’s a hot and cold type dessert too but involves baking ice-cream in an oven. Have never heard of frying ice-cream before – will have to try!

    • Thank you Helenshealthyliving! Yes we have heard about Baked Alaska before..and wanted to make this a long time. Soon we will give it a try cause it looks so Yum. Have you already make it before? Any tips? Fried ice-cream is also delicious and easy to make. Hopefully you will like this recipe. 🙂 Your blog looks lovely!

    • Thank you Sue for you sweet comment! We really appreciate it. And yes it is delicious hihi. Btw sorry for this very late reply ‘shy’! Warm regards I & A

    • Haha we also thought NO can this be possible. But it is possible hihi. It taste like ice cream..with a warm crust. Just will def love it!

    • Thank you Claire! We didn’t knew we could make this too hihi..But if we can do it you will too 😉 Good luck and let us know how it went!

    • Hello Jignesh! Thank you! Maybe you can use milk or melted butter instead of eggs. But we are not sure how the results will be after frying them hihi. If you try, let us know how it went. Btw, thanks for stopping by our blog 🙂

      • Hi

        i have seen a scoop of ice-cream rubbed in powder of Mava, Mavo, Khoya, Khoa, and then dipped(fried) into piping hot Ghee and taken out in just few secs and served immediately

  2. Yum! Working on my next post about pumpkin people which I am pretty sure don’t exist in many parts of the world. Stayed tuned.

    • Thank you for re-blogging this post Adamacalou! We hope you and your kids will love this fried ice cream recipe! We can’t wait either for the pictures hihi, tell us how it went! Enjoy making it 😀

      • Hi Cewinta! I have everything and I am set to try it today or tomorrow! I will definitely post the pictures! Please follow me and you shall know as soon as they are posted! X

    • Hello Cshivali how are you? Thank you so much for your lovely comment, we really appreciate it! Glad you like our blog :). Your blog is great as well! We love your fashion pictures! Have a nice week Xoxo

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    • Hi Antigoni Bullari 😀 You are welcome, we are glad to share it with you 😀 Hopefully you will like this recipe, let us know how it went! 😀

  4. I had this once at a restaurant in Fort Saint John BC and never could find it here in Alberta thanks

    • Yes it was really a surprise for us as well! It seems so difficult to make, but once you know you can enjoy it anytime you want. 😀 Thanks for stopping by Justdoitmum!

  5. An easy recipe for fried icecream. I love you! I’ve bookmarked this, I will have to try it soon.

    • Hello Iloenchen! We are so glad you like this post! And yes indeed, a really easy recipe this is! Do let us know how it went. But we are sure you will love this Fried icecream hihi.

    • Hi Kristy Rhine! You should really try it, its delicious! Warm and crispy from the outside and then the ice inside. YUM. We are sure you will love it 😀 Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I’d never thought of this before. Looks great, though, and I might make it myself after reading this.

    • Hello wthorndike, thank you! Yes, like us, we never thought of this before. Once you made this and eat it, you will be amazed hihi :). Do let us know if you give it a try! Have a great week

    • haha’s sooo delicious! Think you will love it. Do let us know what your friend think about this recipe too hihi 😀 . ENJOY! 🙂

  7. This looks SO good. I’ve been looking for a simple, yummy fried ice cream recipe, and this seems like it’ll be it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Alyssa! We are glad you like this fried ice cream recipe! Yes its really simple to make and you just need a few ingredients. Have fun making this recipe. You are welcome and thank you for stopping by! 😀

    • Yes I.J. Khanewala hihi..this dessert is just perfect for every season haha. Glad you like this post. Thanks for stopping by our blog 🙂

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